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Sunday Eiselt

Associate Professor of Archaeology

Archaeologist Sunday Eiselt, Ph.D. is an expert who can discuss archaeological ceramics and pottery manufacturing, community-based archaeology, the historical archaeology of Native and Hispanic people of the Southwest, and the effects of colonialism on indigenous cultural identities and traditions in the Spanish borderlands. As one of the leading experts on micaceous pottery of the northern Rio Grande, she has assisted in cases involving Pueblo Indian rights to traditional clay pits threatened by industrial mining.

An associate professor in SMU’s Anthropology Department, she is also director of SMU’s Archaeological Field School at Taos, and a research collaborator with the Cultural Resources Management Program of the Gila River Indian Community in Arizona.

She can discuss:

  • Culture contact and historical archaeology
  • Hohokam and Athapaskan prehistory
  • Interethnic and gendered exchange
  • Ethnicity and migration
  • Archaeology of childhood
  • Ceramic geochemistry and archaeometry
  • Tribal and community-based archaeology
  • Southern Athapaskan
  • Hispanic peoples
  • Pueblo and Uto-Aztecan Peoples

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