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Ryszard Stroynowski

Professor of Physics

Richard Stroynowski's research interests lie in the area of the experimental High Energy Particle physics and the structure of matter.

In his early work he studied the partonic structure of the proton that provided experimental basis for the QCD - the theory of strong interactions.  He then studied the properties of heavy quarks in several experiments at electron - positron colliders and led an extended effort to understand the properties of the tau lepton. Since 1996 he has worked on the ATLAS project at Large Hadron Collider and participated recently in the discovery of the Higgs particle.

Stroynowski is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, a past member of the Steering Group of the NATO Science for Peace Program and a past Chair of the SMU Physics Department.

Can Discuss:

  • High energy physics
  • Structure of matter
  • Particle physics
  • Quarks
  • Standard-Model Higgs boson
  • CERN


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