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Renee McDonald

Professor of Psychology
Associate Dean for Research in SMU's Dedman College

Psychology Professor Renee McDonald, Ph.D., does research on how specific child adjustment problems, such as aggression and antisocial behavior, are associated with exposure to family conflict and violence. With Professor Ernest Jouriles (also on SMU’s Psychology faculty), she has begun to develop and evaluate intervention programs to assist children exposed to frequent and severe interparent violence.

She and Jouriles are co-founders and co-directors of SMU’s Family Research Center. The Center advances knowledge about family functioning and malfunctioning, trains students in clinical psychology and treats families who participate in programs at the research center.

Two ongoing research studies include assessing the effects of witnessing spousal (or partner) violence on young children in the family and a date-rape “virtual violence” program that teaches college-age women to recognize warning signs of date-rape and how to prevent it.

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