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Neely Myers

Associate Professor of Anthropology

The work of Neely Myers, an assistant professor of anthropology, focuses on mental health and mental health care, especially for people experiencing psychiatric disabilities.  

She has worked in the U.S. and Tanzania with women, veterans, and youth diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and substance abuse disorders. Currently, she studies the experience of early psychosis in Dallas, including among refugees/migrants, African Americans and Latinos, with funding from the National Institute of Mental Health and the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.  She hopes to advocate for mental health reform in Texas, the U.S. and globally.

Myers is the author of the recently published Recovery's Edge: An Ethnography of Mental Health Care and Moral Agency (2015, Vanderbilt University Press), about the inner workings of a mental health clinic run, in part, by people who are themselves "in recovery" from mental illness. It critically examines people in recovery through intimate stories of their struggle to find meaningful work, satisfying relationships, and independent living.  She has also published journal articles and blogposts in multiple venues.

Neely Myers in the News

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