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Maria Dixon Hall

Associate Corporate Communications Professor
Senior Adviser to the Provost for Campus Cultural Intelligence Initiatives

Maria Dixon Hall’s primary research interests are organizational strategy and planning, as well as, the intersection of power, identity, and culture in corporate, non-profit, and religious organizations.

She has taught Introduction to Communication Theory; Management Communication; Communication in Civil Society Organizations; Communication in Organizational Contexts; Ethnicity, Gender, and Culture: and Introduction to Critical Studies in Communication

As the senior advisor to the Provost for Cultural Intelligence, she is charged with the oversight of the University’s efforts to ensure that all members of our community are equipped to effectively create, collaborate, and work on the solutions to change the world regardless of who their partners may be.

Her research and professional consulting is focused on the implications of identity, power, and organizational culture on the strategic communication of religious and non-profit organizations. 

Can Discuss:

  • Management Communications
  • Communication in Civil Society Organizations
  • Diversity

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