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Jared Schroeder

Associate Professor of Journalism

Jared Schroeder specializes in First Amendment law, particularly as it relates to freedom of expression in virtual spaces, how information flows and how individuals come to understandings in democratic society.

Schroeder is working on a book, The Press Clause and Digital Technology's Fourth Wave: Media Law and the Symbiotic Web, in which he examines how we should understand protections for publishers in an era when everyone has the ability to publish and artificially intelligent communicators are increasingly influencing discourse. He has also published several articles about First Amendment questions in the twenty-first century.

Schroeder has published his research in journals such as Communication Law & Policy, The Review of Higher Education, and the Journal of Media Law & Ethics, and is the professional freedom and responsibility chair for the Law and Policy division of the national Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Can Discuss:

  • First Amendment 
  • Online communities
  • social media
  • fake news
  • artificial intelligence

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