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Fredrick Olness

Professor of Theoretical Physics

Fredrick Olness is an authority on elementary particle physics, the origin of the universe, quantum mechanics, "Physics Circus" public demonstrations, and CERN-related experiments (such as those that discovered the Higgs boson).  He served as co-spokesperson of the CTEQ Collaboration, and has held visiting positions at Fermilab (near Chicago) and the CERN Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland. He was elected as an American Physical Society (APS) Fellow for "significant contributions to understanding nucleon structure and heavy quark production in perturbative quantum chromodynamics."

Olness has written over 100 research articles, served as a convener for international workshops and conferences, and has been an invited speaker for international conferences and summer schools.

At SMU, Olness has been honored as a Dedman College Distinguished Professor, a Ford Research Fellowship Recipient, the SMU "M" Award, and the President's Associates Outstanding Faculty Award. He has served as President of the SMU Faculty Senate, and as director of the Dallas Regional Science & Engineering Fair. 


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