SMU Faculty Experts

SMU Experts Listed Alphabetically

A partial list of SMU faculty experts listed alphabetically. Click here for a list of experts by subject. To reach an SMU expert, please call SMU News & Communications at 214-768-7650 or e-mail

Abraham, William J. Perkins School of Theology
Allor, Jill Simmons School
Barta, Carolyn Meadows School of the Arts
Batenburg, Anne Simmons School
Batsell, Jake Meadows School of the Arts
Bing, Eric Simmons School
Bloom, Lackland Dedman School of Law
Brettell, Caroline Dedman College
Brown, Alan Dedman College
Brubaker, Gary Guildhall
Bullock, Bruce Cox School of Business
Canales, Kate Lyle School of Engineering
Carpenter, Dale Dedman School of Law
Chancey, Mark  Dedman College
Christensen, Marc  Lyle Engineering
Clark, Corey  Guildhall
Colangelo, Anthony Dedman School of Law
Collins, Jennifer Dedman School of Law
Cooley, Jodi  Dedman College
Cortez, Nathan  Dedman Law
Countryman, Edward Dedman College
Cox, Michael  Cox School of Business
Currall, Steven Cox School of Business
Curran, Charles  Perkins School of Theology
Davis, Michael  Cox School of Business
DeShon, Heather Dedman College
Di Piero, Thomas Dedman College
Dorsaneo, William Dedman School of Law
Dowling, Melissa Dedman College
Eads, Linda  Dedman School of Law
Eiselt, Sunday Dedman College
Engel, Jeffrey  Dedman College
Farrar-Myers, Victoria Tower Center
Fomby, Tom Dedman College
Fontenot, Mark  Lyle School of Engineering
Forrester, Julie Dedman School of Law
Gaba, Jeffrey Dedman School of Law
Gilmore, Betty Simmons School
Graybill, Andrew Dedman College
Griffin, Sean Meadows School of the Arts
Hall, Maria Dixon Meadows School of the Arts
Halperin, Rick Dedman College
Hart, James  Meadows School of the Arts
Hill, Craig Perkins School of Theology
Holden, George  Dedman College
Holland, Sam Meadows School of the Arts
Hollifield, James  Dedman College
Howard, Dan Cox School of Business
Jacobs, Bonnie  Dedman College
Jacobs, Louis  Dedman College
Jacobs, Lynn Romejko Simmons School
Jenks, Christopher  Dedman School of Law
Jillson, Cal Dedman College
Jouriles, Ernest Dedman College
Kahn, Jeffrey Dedman School of Law
Kendrick, Alice Meadows School of the Arts
Kepler, Deanie Student Life
Ketterlin Geller, Leanne Simmons School
Kirk, Rita Meadows School of the Arts
Knight, Stephanie Simmons School
Kobylka, Joseph  Dedman College
Kouros, Chrystyna Dedman College
Kuka, Elira  Dedman College
Lawrence, William  Perkins School of Theology
Lincoln, Anne Dedman College
Lowe, John  Dedman School of Law
Martin, Stephanie Meadows School of the Arts
Mayo, Tom Dedman School of Law
McCrossen, Alexis Dedman College
McDonald, Renee  Dedman College
Meltzer, David Dedman College
Millimet, Daniel Dedman College
Myers, Neely Dedman College
Nair, Suku Lyle School of Engineering
Nanasi, Natalie Dedman Law
Nausha, Mark  Guildhall
Niemi, Albert Cox School of Business
Norris, Scott Dedman College
Olness, Fredrick Dedman College
Orrenius, Pia  Dedman College
Parson, Nia  Dedman College
Pavlakis, Alexandra Simmons School
Pederson, Tony  Meadows School of the Arts
Potter, John  Simmons School
Quick, James  Dedman College
Quicksall, Andrew Lyle School of Engineering
Quinones, Miguel Cox School of Business
Richards, Maria  Dedman College
Roglan, Mark  Meadows School of the Arts
Ryan, Meghan  Dedman Law
Salmon, Tim  Dedman College
Jared Schroeder Meadows School of the Arts
Sekula, Steve  Dedman College
Smith-Morris, Carolyn  Dedman College
Steinberg, Marc  Dedman School of Law
Stokes, Lynn  Dedman College
Stroynowski, Ryszard Dedman College
Stump, Brian Dedman College
Suhler, Jayne Lyle School of Engineering
Thomas, Karen Meadows School of the Arts
Vamos, Mark  Meadows School of the Arts
Villarreal, Dario Lyle School of Engineering
Vogel, Pia  Dedman College
Voss, Zannie Meadows School of the Arts
Voth, Ben Meadows
Ware, Paige Simmons School
Weaver, Jessica Dedman School of Law
Weinstein, Bernard  Cox School of Business
Weyand, Peter  Simmons School
Wilson, Matthew  Dedman College

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