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Chrystyna Kouros

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology

Chrystyna Kouros, Ph.D., focuses on understanding depressive symptoms and depression in the context of family stress.

One line of her research focuses on the etiology, maintenance, and progression of child and adolescent depression, and how symptoms change over time. She has a particular interest in the effects of children’s exposure to everyday marital conflict and parental psychopathology.

Kouros's research also examines the interplay between relationship functioning (e.g., conflict, satisfaction) and depressive symptoms in married and dating couples. This includes examining the mechanisms by which relationship functioning and mental health are dynamically related.

Two of her research projects recently received media attention:

Can Discuss:

  • Depression in children and adolescents 
  • Anxiety in children and adolescents
  • Family stress and its effect on children and adolescents

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