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Alan S. Brown

Professor of Psychology

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Professor Alan Brown's research primarily involves how we store and retrieve information about the real world, and the manner in which these processes fail us. One of these phenomena is tip of the tongue experience, where one is momentarily stymied in accessing well-stored knowledge. Another is the false positive recognition experience of déjà vu, where a present experience seems subjectively familiar when you know that it is objectively new.

In addition, there are several research projects on how people incorporate other’s life experiences into their own autobiography.

Another recent line of research involves the retention of health-related information, and what concepts from basic research in cognition can be applied to improving memory for intervention instructions. The key question is if this can facilitate behavior change to remediate problematic behaviors, such as excessive alcohol consumption.

Can Discuss:

  • Memory 
  • Tip-of-the-Tongue momentary memory failure
  • Evangelism
  • Improving memory
  • Human learning and memory


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