Broadcast Studio

SMU offers live broadcast interviews any time news happens with our HD equipment, providing fast and easy access to our faculty experts, administrators, staff and researchers without leaving your station. Fiber optic and satellite capabilities allow your station live or taped interviews for your news broadcast, anytime, anywhere.

Why use SMU?

  • Quick access to top faculty and research experts
  • Analysis on developing news, research, etc.
  • Save costly expenses (camera crew, travel, makeup) and valuable time
  • Live expert interviews during your broadcast, any time
  • Q & A with anchors when news is happening
  • Never have to scramble for a crew or lose an important interview to breaking news
  • Vyvx users can book time on their accounts
  • Satellite time is also available

About the HD Equipment

  • HD Panasonic Camera, Fujinon lens, power supply, custom cabling.
  • Aja Ki Pro Ultra digital recording device with two 250GB storage drives
  • Upgraded HD encoder unit
  • HD routing switcher
  • HD digital analog converter
  • HD confidence monitor
  • The studio is fully equipped with broadcast lighting and a designated robotic camera that is operated remotely.
  • The camera has pan/tilt capabilities, providing the flexibility of a one-on-one interview, or even an interview with two experts.

How it works

  • SMU has a dedicated fiber optic link to Vyvx. This allows a direct connection from our studio to your control room. Satellite uplink capabilities are also available. 

About Radio

Our studio also allows radio stations to connect to the studio via dial-up ISDN.

  • Telos Zephyr Xstream transceiver
  • AAC Mono 128, AAC J-Stereo 64, Layer-3 Stereo, Layer-3 J-Stereo, Layer-3 Mono 128, Layer-2 J-Stereo, Layer-2 Mono 128, and G.722

For more information

For more information or to book the studio for interviews, please contact the SMU News and Communications team at 214-768-7650 or by email at Please note that our facility is available exclusively to the SMU community.



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