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Books by members of the SMU community

Following are books by members of the SMU community. Books are listed in the order in which information was received with the most recent being first. If you are a member of the SMU community and have written a book this year, submit your information here.

Making Modern Times by SMU Associate Professor of History Alexis McCrossen Marking Modern Times
By Alexis McCrossen - Associate Professor - Clements Department of History
Prof. McCrossen relates how the American preoccupation with time led people from across social classes to acquire watches and clocks. While noting the difficulties in regulating and synchronizing so many timepieces, McCrossen expands our understanding of the development of modern time discipline, delving into the ways we have standardized time and describing how timekeepers have served as political, social, and cultural tools in a society that doesn’t merely value time, but regards access to time as a natural-born right, a privilege of being an American. Read more.
Mrs. Shipley’s Ghost by Jeff Kahn Mrs. Shipley’s Ghost: The Right to Travel and Terrorist Watchlists
By Jeffrey Kahn - Associate Professor - Dedman School of Law
Prof. Kahn combines history, policy analysis and the law in examing the current watchlist program and its similarity to a system used more than 50 years ago – one ultimately deemed unconstitutional. Read more.
Sweet on Texas by Denise Gee Sweet on Texas: Loveable Confections from the Lone Star State
By Denise Gee - SMU Public Affairs
This tantalizing tome features a hearty helping of must-eat recipes and must-meet dessert devotees, garnished with their facinating stories. Learn about local Texan bakeries, the youngest pastry chef in the state, and the proper way to organize a Southern cookie swap. Read more.