Damp, ruined communications devices follow floods

What can Houston residents, others do to salvage & protect data

Chair of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Among the thousands of households under water in Houston are thousands of submerged laptops, tablets, PCs and cell phones, as well as others above the water line yet still exposed to significant moisture and mold.

“Sometimes things are not as bad as they look,” Nair said. “The extent of loss or damage to your laptop or cellphone is often not proportional to the symptoms of physical damage. The level of recovery depends entirely on the extent of damage sustained by the electronics.”

Nair is Director of the AT&T Center for Virtualization at SMU. He is an internationally recognized authority on cyber security, network restoration and fault-tolerant computing. Nair is the founding director of the HACNet (High Assurance Computing and Networking) Lab.

Can discuss:

  • Can you get to important data stored in electronic devices after water damage?
  • What’s the best way to make sure your data is backed up to guard against this kind of loss?