Concrete jungle multiplies urban flood hazard

SMU expert advises strategies such as permeable pavement,
rain gardens, other green options to absorb rainwater

Barbara MinskerBarbara Minsker
Chair of civil and environmental engineering

On what city planners should do to mitigate flooding

“Large cities prone to flooding should provide developers with incentives for building green infrastructure, such as rain gardens, wetlands, ponds, trees and parks, and permeable pavement that will better soak up rainfall. Building more and more pavement and buildings without offsetting the increased runoff will continue to worsen both flooding and heat problems, and green infrastructure provides numerous health and community benefits as well.”

Minsker is chair of civil and environmental engineering in SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering.

Can discuss:

  • Using “big data” and models to crowd-source solutions to complex water problems such as flood and drought mitigation
  • Improving sustainability and resilience of urban systems
  • Green storm water infrastructure design
  • Water quality issues