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Two SMU freshmen turn their dorm room into gorgeous living space

Complete with a coffee bar - thanks to an interior designer mom


The following story is from the Sept. 25, 2017, edition of The London Daily Mail. The video is from the Oct. 6 edition of WFAA News: Inside Edition.

October 9, 2017

By Carly Stern
For Dailymail.com 

  • Meredith Welborn and Sarah Hooton, both from Nashville, moved into their shared dorm room in August
  • They'd met before hand and texted over time to plan their decor
  • Sarah's mom is an interior designer and got them discounts
  • They bought matching lamps, throw pillows, headboards, and poufs and chipped in on a gold bar cart

Dorm rooms are notoriously drab. Even with some decorating and sprucing up — usually care of some posters and a fun comforter — they never exactly make for 'stylish' living spaces.

That is, unless somebody's mother is an interior designer. Moving into Southern Methodist University this fall, college freshman Meredith Welborn and Sarah Hooton went all out in transforming their shared dorm room.

The teenagers have quickly become the envy of dorm-dwelling young women across the US thanks to their perfectly coordinated room, which they outfitted with chic headboards, matching linens, and even a coffee bar.

Meredith showed off the fruits of their labor on her blog, As Told by Meredith. Both from Nashville, they met through mutual friends and decided to room together.

They texted back and forth in the months leading up to their August move-in, picking out pieced and planning out what their room would look like.  

'Our main goal was to make it super home-y, and I definitely think we accomplished that!' Meredith wrote. 'We both love spending time and relaxing in here.'

It helped a lot that Sarah's mom is a professional interior designer, who helped them get good prices on pieces for their room.

They also have similar tastes: 'We both are super girly, so we decided on a theme of white, gray, pink, and mixed metals. It is very important to be communicative with your roommate during this process if you decide to match. We knew each other before-hand, so that part was easy.'