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What is an Anthropologist doing at a Cancer Center?

Negotiating the biomedical world of deities to broker the cultural realities of cancer

February 12, 2015

  What:  Dr. Deborah O. Erwin, Director of the Office of Cancer Health Disparities Research at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, will discuss the cultural realities of cancer and how individuals, their healers/health care providers, and otherwise healthy individuals are impacted by this diagnosis.

Ethnographic and intervention research conducted over more than two decades inform the anthropological exploration of adoptive roles and narrative communication to understand and navigate the world of cancer for African American, Hispanic, and other medically underserved individuals within the U.S. health care system.

The discipline of anthropology can be applied to provide access to the cultural meanings of cancer not only as a disease but as a lived experience in order to increase our understanding of the challenges of health care access to reduce cancer disparities in screening, morbidity and mortality.

  When: Wednesday, February 18
5 – 6 p.m.
  Where: McCord Auditorium
Dallas Hall - Room 306 
  Cost: Free and open to the public 
  More Info:  Please contact Pamela Hogan at phogan@smu.edu


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