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Join us for Research Day 2014 at SMU

February 20, 2014

Research Day at SMUSMU graduate and undergraduate students will present results of ongoing and completed SMU-based research from 2 - 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 26, in the Promenade, Ballroom and Forum of Hughes-Trigg Student Center.

This event fosters communication between students in different disciplines, gives students the opportunity to present their work in a professional setting, and shares the outstanding research being conducted at SMU with peers and industry professionals from the greater Dallas community. This year there has been a 50 percent increase in student participation.

A cash award of $250 will be given to the best presentation from each department.

The Students and Their Projects:

Department of Anthropology

Authors Title of Presentation
Richard Anderson Paleoindian Archaeology in the Badlands: Preliminary Results of New Investigations on the Little Missouri National Grasslands, North Dakota
Jenna Battillo Archaeological facts from feces: dietary choice and subsistence change at Turkey Pen Ruin, Utah
Dawn Crawford Experimental Jade Polishing: Replication of Ancient Maya Techniques
Alejandro Figueroa How we got here: Tracking the effects of development on the archaeological heritage of Roatán island, Honduras
Whitney Goodwin, Alejandro Figueroa, Dawn Crawford Temper over time: A comparison of the technical properties of common tempers from the Maya Preclassic to the Late Classic
Afshan Kamrudin Psychological Well Being and Identity: Queer and Muslim in the US and South Africa
Christopher Kiahtipes Connecting the Ethnographic and Ecological Present: Paleoenvironmental perspectives on Late Iron Age archaeology in Central Africa
Jessica Lott Critical Intersections: Latinos/as, Reproduction, and Disability
Hannah Moots, Rachel Burger, Valeria Cantu, Kandi Doming, Suzy Hawkins, Christina Stewart, Amanda Thornton Assessing Potential Sedentary Period Hohokam Clay Sources Through Experimental Archaeology
Margarette Pruitt, Richard Anderson Stone Tool Raw Material Distribution in the Little Missouri Badlands
Hayley Wagner Conceptualizing Medical Deservingness: Immigration and Health Care Utilization

Department of Biological Sciences

Authors Title of Presentation
Marziyeh Badinloo, Marziyeh Badinloo, Vladimir Klichko, William Orr, Erwin Xia, Judith Benes, Olena Odnokoz and Svetlana Radyuk

The Role of Peroxiredoxin5 in Aging and Immunity

Braden Barnett, Braden Barnett, Megan Romeo, Hayley Heatley, Jeffrey He, Rebecca Brady, Alexander McRae, Janice Kim, Jessica Chu, Mary Hancock, Rachel Luna, Rachel Gardner, and Robert Harrod The human T-cell leukemia retrovirus type-1 p30II protein induces p53-dependent cell survival signals and promotes oncogene-activation in Adult T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma tumor lymphocytes
Fran Brewer, Courtney A. Follit, Isolina R. Rossi, Christopher S. Wheelis, John G. Wise, Pia D. Vogel Inhibition of Energy Transduction in P-glycoprotein
Courtney Follit Reversal of multidrug resistance by novel inhibitors of human P-glycoprotein in cell culture
Nithya Mary Joseph Takeout-dependent longevity is associated with altered Juvenile Hormone signaling and pheromone production
James McCormick, Pia D. Vogel, John G. Wise Molecular Simulation of MsbA Flippase Activity
Olena Odnokoz The role of Drosophila mitochondrial peroxiredoxins in aging-associated pathways
Vidya Pandarinath Cell cycle regulation in Trypanosoma brucei: The case for Aurora kinase as a target for therapy
Stefan Rinaldi Investigating the mechanism of p53-dependent longevity in the insulin producing cells of D. melanogaster
Megan Romeo Cooperation between the human T-cell leukemia virus type-1 p30(II) protein and host cellular factors during oncogenic transformation and retroviral carcinogenesis
Ablat Tursun Exploring proton channels in complex I from E. coli

Department of Chemistry

Authors Title of Presentation
Zahra Bassampour Selective nucleophilic replacement reactions of substituted silanes
Jian Cao Novel Chemiluminescent Probes for Sensing H2S
Alan Humason, Wenli Zou, Dieter Cremer Title of Presentation: What is the Longest Carbon-Carbon Bond Known in Chemistry - 11,11-Dimethyl-1,6-methano[10]annulene.
Jameela Lokhandwala, Brian Zoltowski , Ashutosh Pudasaini Characterization Of Blue Light Sensitive Proteins
Katie Powers Photochemical Characterization of LOV domain containing photoreceptors from Oryza Sativa
Ashutosh Pudasaini, Brian D. Zoltowski Blue light photoreceptor Zeitlupe senses light fluence to regulate plant circadian clock
Dani Setiawan, Robert Kalescky, Elfi Kraka, Dieter Cremer A New Approach for a Quantitative Description of Aromatic and Antiaromatic Molecules Based on Vibrational Spectroscopy
Thomas Sexton, Marek Freindorf, Elfi Kraka, and Dieter Cremer The Mechanism of the Cycloaddition Reaction of 1,3-dipole Molecules with Acetylene: an Investigation with the Unified Reaction Valley Approach

Department of Economics

Authors Title of Presentation
Kledis Ali Durable Goods Leasing under Adverse Selection
Shraman Banerjee Teachers' Incentive Pay: an Experimental Investigation of a Moral Hazard Problem
William Caylor Replacement choice for consumer electronics
Sanchari Choudhury Addressing Endogeneity While Evaluating the Impacts of Decentralization on Corruption
Zhihong Dong Price dispersion, Search frictions and Signaling Quality through Prices
Yingyuan Lin The Effects of Ability Tracking on Labor Market Outcomes: A Nonparametric Bounds Analysis
Di Yu Mutual Fund and Asset Pricing

Department of Mathematics

Authors Title of Presentation
Young Ok Choi

Numerical Solutions Of Transient Stokes Flow Using Galerkin Boundary Element Method

Edward Downes Numerical Studies Of Raman Scattering by Induced Filaments
David Gardner Filters for the Improvement of Multiscale Data from Atomistic Simulations
Chang Young Jang An Analysis of Dispersion and Dissipation Properties of Hermite Methods Applied to Two-Dimensional Linear Hyperbolic Equation
Fritz Juhnke Summation by parts boundary closures for finite difference methods
Mahnprit Jutley The effect of vapor diffusion on the evaporation of a sessile droplet on a heated substrate
Christiaan Ketelaar, Vladimir Ajaev The effect of structuring on the stability of electrolyte films
John LaGrone Stable Implementation of Complete Radiation Boundary Conditions in Finite Difference Time Domain Solvers for Maxwell's Equations
Glen Pearson Derivation of jump conditions for the immersed interface method with a triangular mesh of an interface
Jessica Schoenfeld The application of modulation theory to PT-symmetry preserving coupled nonlinear van der Pol oscillators
Arnaud Zimmern Braiding Red Riding Hood

Department of Physics

Authors Title of Presentation
Joshua Abramoitch Development of a Silicon PIN Diode X-Ray Detector
Tingting Cao Combination of the Higgs boson main properties measurements using the ATLAS detector
David Clark, Fred Olness Nuclear corrections to W/Z Boson production at the LHC
Govinda Dhungana, Robert Kehoe Photometric and Spectroscopic analysis of Supernovae
Huanzhao Liu, Robert Kehoe, Amitabha Das Measurement of the Top Quark Mass in Dilepton Final States at DØ experiment
Mayisha Zeb-Nakib Matthew Bruemmer, Radon Plateout on Copper to ilLUMINAte Background Levels in the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Experiment
Hang Qiu, A Plastic Solid Neutron Veto Design for SuperCDMS SNOLAB
Xiandong Zhao, Li Zhou LAr Front-end Signal Process Simulation

Department of Psychology

Authors Title of Presentation
Grace Boyers Examining The Relation Between Positive And Negative Affect Over Time
Deanna Denman, Andrea R. Graham, Valerie G. Loehr, Austin S. Baldwin The Moderating Effect of Body Mass Index (BMI) on Affective Forecasting Errors in Exercise
Jenna Ellison Interplay between Relationship Attributions and Conflict Behaviors in Predicting Depression Symptoms
Lindy Fields Enhancing Autobiographical Beliefs through Simple Exposure
Hani Gazal The Relation of Parental Stress and Mothers’ Use of “Verbal Negatives”
Julie Kangas Time Perspective as a Moderator of Daily Perceptions of Exercise Benefits and Satisfaction with Regular Exercise
Anne Kleinsasser An Online Bystander Intervention Program for the Prevention of Sexual Violence
Valerie Loehr Unpacking the expectancy violation effect in physical activity: Examining the effect of retrospective, peak, and average reports of experiences
Victoria Mueller, Ernest Jouriles, Renee McDonald, David Rosenfield Children’s Appraisals and Involvement in Interparental Conflict: Unique Relations with Child Adjustment
Elizabeth Neil The Effect of Task Valence on Social Skills among Individuals with a Severe Mental Illness
Kelli Sargent, Gabriella Jairala, Michael Ovalle, Chrystyna D. Kouros, E. Mark Cummings Parentification as a Mediator of the Relation between Parental Depressive Symptoms and Youth Internalizing Problems
Ashley Schneider, Dr. Thomas Ritz; Chelsey Werchan NIOXX Longitudinal Study
Ashton Steele, Noelle B. Smith, Ana Trueba, Alicia E. Meuret Exploring the Longitudinal Relation between Experiential Avoidance and Depressive Symptoms
Nicole Vu, Ernest Jouriles, Renee McDonald, David Rosenfield Children’s Appraisals of Conflict and Externalizing Problems in Families Characterized by Severe Intimate Partner Violence
Chelsey Werchan, Ashton Jeter, Thomas Janssens, Thomas Ritz Development of the COPD Exacerbation Trigger Inventory (CETI)

Department of Statistical Science

Authors Title of Presentation
Ou Bai A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Meta-Analysis of Rare Binary Adverse Event Data
Changxing Chen Alternative method of analyzing time varying frequency series
Amy Nussbaum Estimation of Transient Error in Personality Assessments
Bivin Sadler The Information Function is a Fundamental Construct of IRT… But it’s Not Perfect! … Don’t Forget About the Bias!
Sudharshan Samaratunga A New Method for Estimating the Index Parameter of a Stable Distribution
Jian Zhang Statistical Inference of Component Lifetimes with Location-Scale Distributions from Censored System Failure Data with Known Signature
Xiujun Zhu

Comparison Of Quasi-Alignment Methods For Metagenomic Classification

Roy M. Huffington Department of Earth Sciences

Authors Title of Presentation
Joseph Batir, David Blackwell, Maria Richards Updated Surface Heat Flow Map of Alaska
Matthew Clemens 23 Million Year Old Frogs from the Miocene of Mush, Ethiopia
John Graf New Fossil Baleen Whales From Angola And Their Implications For The Early Evolution Of Pygmy Right Whales (Neobalaenidae)
Yanjun Hao, Maria Beatrice Magnani, Kirk McIntosh, Brian Waldron, Lei Guo High-Resolution Marine and Land Seismic Reflection Imaging of the Meeman-Shelby Fault, near Memphis, Tennessee
Jesse Howard Infrasound Amplitude Variations and Wind Corrections in the Southwestern US
Kara Jones Refining Fault Structure and Seismic Behavior along the Kuril Islands, Russia, using Teleseismic Double-Difference Relocation
Mason MacPhail Seismic Noise Analysis at Cherwon, South Korea using Power Spectral Density Probability Density Functions
Harrison Oldham Preliminary Earthquake Relocations near Azle, TX
Benjamin Phrampus Ocean Warming Induced Gas Hydrates Instability on the US Beaufort Margin
Christopher Strganac Late Cretaceous paleoenvironment at the South Atlantic margin, Bentiaba, Angola, inferred through stable isotopes of marine bivalve shells and marine reptile tooth enamel
Vanshan Wright, Matt Hornbach , Cecilia McHugh Lake Enriquillo Water Level History and Its Implications For Future Flooding in Southwestern Dominican Republic
Lu Zhu Paleosol morphologies and estimations of paleoatmospheric pCO2, North-central Texas

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Authors Title of Presentation
laelsadat Badakhshaneian, Andrew Quicksall, Lindsay Dietrich Size & Age Dependent Surface Structure and Reactivity of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Haddijatou Bayo, Emily Moses Aqueous Vanadium Removal Using Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
Leven Deputy Catenary Methods Employed in Progressive Collapse Mitigation: A Second Order Approach
Hossein Hashemi

A Simulation Test-Bed For EvaluatingActive Traffic Network Management Systems

Safa Mahjoub Exploring the precipitation conditions and properties of new material to be used in biogrouting
Aliaksei Patsevich Discrete Element Model Study of Seismic Effects on Retaining Walls
Kaitlyn Thomas Characterization of Rock Plate Specimens
Myra Wilson, A. Fernandez, A. Quicksall, D.M. Aleto, K.E. Grant Kinetics of electrochemically generated free chlorine for iron removal and disinfection of drinking water

Computer Science and Engineering

Authors Title of Presentation
Soha Alhelaly Security and Trust Issues in 3D ICs
Matthew Bolanos Moving Generator - Infrastructure for Evolving Streams in R
Sudheer Chelluboina, Sudheer Chelluboina, Michael Hahsler A novel trajectory partitioning method based on elastic bounding box
Zizhen Chen Determining Backbones in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jake Drew, Michael Hahsler Strand: variable length k-mer sequence comparison using map reduce and locality sensitive hashing
David Houngninou, Mitch Thornton Simulation and Implication using a Transfer Function Model for Switching Logic
Mihai Tudor Panu, David Matula Reducing Latency and Power in Multiplicative Division
Sohail Rafiqi Cognitive and Context-Aware User Interfaces
Stark Riedesel Cost-Performance Analysis of Clustered Biometric Systems
Hadil Shaiba Evaluation of Different Classification Methods for Predicting Tropical Cyclone Rapid Intensification Events
Xi Shen, Jennifer Dworak The Poet vs. the Scientist, reconfiguring on-chip test for different users
Micah Thornton, Marie Vasek Analysis of DDoS on Bitcoin Services
Marie Vasek, Tyler Moore Identifying Risk Factors for Webserver Compromise
Fernando Vilas, David Matula Two Applications of the Maximum Adjacency Search
John Wadleigh Automatic Identification and Analysis of Websites Selling Counterfeit Goods
Fanchen Zhang, Micah Thornton Enhancing Structural Test with Probabilistic Functional Information
Adam Zygmontowicz Securing P1687 Scan Chains using LSIBs and the Comparison of Common Test Hardware Security Methods

Electrical Engineering

Authors Title of Presentation
Neda Adib Weighted Stansfield Algorithm In Three Dimensions
Andrew Blanchard Identification of Errant Pixels Through Variance Analysis
Pengfei Cui Leveraging White Space Opportunity in Metropolitan Area
Saeed Dehghan Manshadi Secure & Efficient Smart Grids Wide Area Monitoring Scheme
Chung Cheng Ho, Scott C Douglas An Angular Sampling Theorem for the Frequency Interpolation of Antenna Array Calibration Measurements
Pengda Huang Bounds on the Overhead of Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio
Jin Huang High power 780-nm AlGaAs semiconductor broaden waveguide lasers
Ting Li, Papamichalis Panos

A Novel Total Variation Optimization Method And Its Application On Blind Super-Resolution

Yingsi Liang

The First All-Digital Atomic Clock For The Enhanced Wwvb Broadcast

Hui Liu Outlier Detection for Training-Based Adaptive Protocols
Catriona McClowry, Chelsea Rickel, Matthew Bolanos, Adam Gourley, Kyle Tabler ADS-B Radar Display
Indranil Sinharoy Iris acquisition with Scheimpflug cameras for extended volume
Kexu Sun Calibration Techniques for High-Speed Time-Interleaved SAR ADCs
Meiling Xu Optimization over Positive Polynomials
Tao Zhang A 10Gb/s Laser Diode Driver in 130 nm CMOS

Engineering Management, Information, and Systems

Authors Title of Presentation
Yuanyuan Dong Maximizing profit for vehicle routing under time and weight constraints
Razan Kattoa Improved Demand Forecasting with the tBISA Distribution
Anthony Klinkert Networ Topology Optimization for Smart Grid, Machine to Machine and The Internet of Things
Angelika Leskovskaya, Richard Barr Interval-flow Generalized Networks: Models and Applications

Mechanical Engineering

Authors Title of Presentation
Amir Ahmed

A Novel Micro-Photonic Electric Field Sensor For Brain-Machine Interface

Ahmas Alshorman

Locomotion Modes Of A Family Of Linear, Open Chain Mechanisms

David Case, Behzad Taheri, Edmond Richer Suppression of Severe Pathological Tremor with Magnetorheological Orthosis
Julie Griffin Using the Velocity of Ultrasound to Determine the Long Term Effects of SRS on the Cervical Spine
Masoud Harooni Real-Time Detection of Defects in Laser Welding of AZ31B Magnesium Alloy by a Spectroscopic Analysis
Mahdi Jamshidinia A New Concept in the Design and Manufacturing of Customized Dental Implants
Mohammad Kashki

Inertially Actuated Robots: New Generation Of Locomotive Robots

Perry Leggett, Harooni Masoud Surface Quality in Laser Welding of 6061 Aluminum Alloy in Coach-Peel Configuration with Dual-Beam Arrangements
Bin Li, Jeong Ho You Self-powered SSHI circuits for vibration energy harvesting
Shuang Liu Development of laser hot-wire cladding
Wei Liu Real-time Monitoring of the Laser Hot-wire Welding Process
Gazi Mahmud Detection of Arsenic in Drinking Water Using Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) Principle
Maurizio Manzo Dome shaped micro-scale lasers as sensors for mechanical engineering applications
Mehdi Mazar Atabaki Hybrid/laser arc welding of dissimilar materials
Edoardo Rubino, Tindaro Ioppolo Magnetic Field-Induced Morphology-Dependent Resonances of a Coupled Composite Metglas Slab with a Polymeric Optical Resonator
Matt Saari, Collin Clay, Adam Cohen, Edmund Richer, Paul Krueger Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing of Soft Robot Bodies with Integrated Arrays of Sensors and Actuators
Vahid Sadri Numerical Study of Formation and Interactions of Concentric Vortex Ring
Lin Zhu, Jeong Ho You Probing Effect of Defects on Ferroelectricity in Ferroelectric Thin Films


Authors Department Title of Presentation
Harley Goldsmith English Does Crusoe Shit in the Woods?: Sovereignty and Economy on Robinson's Island Kingdom
Spencer C. Bogle Religious Studies Religion and Development: Chasing and Challenging the Kantian Kingdom of God on Earth
Ruben Arellano William P. Clements Department of History LA CAUSA CHICANA IN THE “BIG D;” Radicals and Reformers in Dallas, Texas
Samantha Robinson Art History Porcellana Ficta in Paint: The Pictorial and Material Structure of The Feast of the Gods