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Relay awards event and business class rescheduled due to inclement weather

February 1, 2011

Tuesday's inclement forced the close of SMU's main campus and SMU-in-Legacy and the rescheduling of an event and start of a course at the Cox School of Business.

The SMU “Starting A Business” certificate course, originally scheduled to start February 1, will start on February 8.

In addition, the SMU Cox Corporate Relay Reception and Awards scheduled for February 1 at the SMU Campus has been rescheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, February 8th. Read more about the relay race.

Although most campus offices were closed Tuesday because of the weather conditions, a few facilities remained open to serve students, including:

  • The Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports 
  • Fondren Library
  • Umphrey Lee Dining Hall

In addition, SMU police and crews from SMU Facilities Management and Sustainability were on campus to ensure safety.

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