Study Abroad: Eight Things You Should Know

1. What does SMU Abroad offer?

SMU Abroad offers a full range of opportunities - from study abroad, internships and service to research, co-ops and cultural programs abroad. SMU Abroad manages study abroad and internship programs and collaborates with offices across campus in the offering of other programs. You can spend an academic year, semester, summer or winter on any of the 130 SMU approved international programs as an integral part of your SMU undergraduate degree.

2. Who studies abroad?

More than 500 SMU students from all five undergraduate schools go abroad each year on SMU approved programs. You must meet eligibility requirements, including minimum GPA, language prerequisites and other program specifics. The earliest you can participate is summer after your freshman year. For semester programs, plan on sophomore, junior or first semester senior year. Transfer students must complete one year at SMU before studying abroad.

3. Where can I go?

SMU approved semester programs are located in universities and institutes in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Oceania. SMU faculty offer customized discipline-specific programs during summer and winter in locations such as China, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Poland, Russia and South Africa.

4. How much does it cost?

The price for spending an academic year or semester abroad is similar to staying on the Dallas campus. For most programs, tuition is the same; housing (residence halls, homestays or apartments) and meals vary by program. For the faculty-led summer and winter programs, students pay a program fee that covers tuition and program accommodations and excursions. If you are eligible for financial aid, consult with your financial aid advisor as some aid packages may be applicable to approved programs.

5. Do the courses I take count?

As long as you participate on an SMU approved program and have applied through SMU Abroad, the courses you take will come back as SMU credit. You are required to take a full load of courses as defined by the university or program. Be sure to follow the pre-approval process so that you will know how they count before you leave.

6. How do I apply?

The first step of applying to SMU Abroad managed programs is attending an info session. Sessions are held during the semester Monday through Thursday at 4 pm. After you attend a session, you can search for a program and begin your application on-line. Application cycles typically open the first day of the semester prior to the term when you want to go abroad. Remember to respect application deadlines with regards to completing and turning in forms. Plan also on attending the pre-departure orientation session typically held near the end of the semester. If you are a transfer student, before applying to an SMU Abroad program, you must complete a full semester at SMU.

7. What else do I need?

You will need your travel documents, including your roundtrip ticket, valid passport, possibly a student visa from the country where you will study and international health insurance. SMU requires all students to carry HTH Worldwide Health Insurance. The insurance is included in the program fee for all SMU Abroad managed study abroad and internship programs.

8. How do I get more info?

  • Look us up on the web at
  • Visit SMU Abroad in the International Center, 216 Blanton Building. We are located on the East side of the campus at the intersection of SMU Boulevard and Airline Drive.
  • Attend the SMU Abroad fairs and meet representatives from our various programs. The Fall fair highlights all of our programs; the Spring fair focuses on our faculty-led summer programs.