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SMU overcomes obstacles to take third at debate tournament

September 22, 2009

SMU students Tyler Murray, Jessica Huseman and Reem Tahir won seven of their ten debates at the University of Northern Iowa Debate tournament September 19-21. 

Tahir finished 3rd in the novice division for her first collegiate debate competition.  Tahir also finished as the fifth speaker for the tournament.  Tahir had to find a replacement partner on Friday after losing her original partner to the flu. 

Each debate in Iowa was two hours in length and judged by an academic professor or instructor in debate or communication.  Each student performed 15 minutes of arguments for each debate.

The college debate topic concerns U.S. policy regarding the use of nuclear weapons. 

Tyler Murray and Jessica Huseman were 3-1 and among the top teams at the tournament before Murray withdrew with illness.  Murray and Huseman argued a unique affirmative case offering a U.S. apology for the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Their affirmative case was undefeated at the tournament.  Murray and Huseman competed in the junior varsity division of the tournament.  Huseman succeeded at her first college and policy debate tournament.

The teams at SMU are coached by professors Ben Voth and Chris Salinas in the Corporate Communication and Public Affairs division in Meadows School of the Arts.  The debate program is in the second year of rebuilding as a new program at SMU.

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