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Preparing for the transition to University life

July 2, 2009

During July and August, incoming first-year and first-year transfer students are learning about their transition to life at SMU during AARO, or Academic Advising, Registration and Orientation, and at Mustang Corral, a three-day off-campus retreat.

  • 2009 Orientation TeamThe 2009 student orientation team is blogging about their summer, AARO and Mustang Corral on the SMU Adventures site. Read their tips for new students, thoughts on this year’s Common Reading and more.
  • The two-day AARO sessions include meetings with academic advisers, registration for Fall courses and information about campus resources. All new students are required to stay overnight in Boaz Hall.  Learn more about AARO, including what to bring with you.
  • During AARO, students will receive a copy of the 2009 Common Reading selection: President Barack Obama’s memoir, Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance. Watch a video video icon of students discussing Common Reading.
  • Mustang Corral, set for August 21-23, is an off-campus retreat where new students will meet faculty, staff and student leaders, along with their classmates, and will learn about SMU traditions and academic life. Among the new faces this year will be keynote speaker Bertice Berry, an award-winning author and lecturer. Learn more about Mustang Corral.

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