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New study links earthquakes to human activity

seismic wave
Earthquakes triggered by human activity have been happening in Texas since at least 1925 . . . Read more. 

Featured News & Experts

Vote for Me

Election Experts
SMU faculty can offer expertise on various aspects of politics, campaigns, polls and speeches.


The Two-Hour Goal
SMU's Peter Weyand is among a team of scientists trying to redefine the limits of human speed.

Large Hadron Collider

Collider Restart
The world's most powerful collider has been switched back on, rekindling research by SMU physicists and others worldwide.

One Hundred Years on the Hilltop by Darwin Payne

Hilltop History
SMU Professor Emeritus Darwin Payne has written a comprehensive history of the University.


Immigration Experts
Republican and Democratic contenders for president are sparing over what is the best — and most humane — solution.

soldier behind wall

Seeing Behind Walls
SMU engineering scientists will lead DARPA-funded research into "seeing" behind walls.

Tipping the Scales icon

Tipping the Scales
Public, private and nonprofit leaders tackle children’s health issues at a conference at SMU.  

Stephanie Martin and Evan McCormick

Spanish-Speaking Experts
SMU election experts Stephanie Martin and Evan McCormick are fluent in Spanish and available for interviews.


Dirty Campaign Ahead . . .

“This will be a dirty campaign for both parties for two reasons,” SMU political expert Jeffrey Engel says. “First, because the populists on both sides are angry and view the opposition as a villain, and second, because both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been in the public eye so long that there’s a lot of mud to be thrown.” Read more . . .

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SMU has an uplink facility located on campus for live TV, radio, or online interviews. Read more.