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Meadows Class of 2019

Meadows dual-admit students (Music, Theatre, Art, Dance and Film and Media Arts majors) are required to maintain an online presence that showcases the skills and talents that make them unique artists. This self-marketing is a key part of developing artistic voice as well as entrepreneurial and business spirit.

Below is a list of student web sites built as part of the FACE class web presence requirement, along with the students' intended majors. These sites are a work in progress and do not necessarily reflect a finished product – but do reflect developing artistry.

Please note that the content, opinions, and viewpoints presented in the below sites belong solely to the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of SMU or Meadows.

Student Web Sites

Start a Movement


Ignite Arts Dallas

Meadows Prize

Arts Entrepreneurship

Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU

Arts Entrepreneurship Blog

Arts Entrepreneurship Resources

Arts Entrepreneurship Youtube Channel

Frequently Asked Questions

FACE: First-Year Arts Community Experience

Meadows Class of 2018

Meadows Class of 2019

Student Web Presence Requirement

Market Your Event at SMU and in DFW

International Opportunities

Interdisciplinary Studies

Research and Creativity