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Five Meadows Faculty Receive Sam Taylor Fellowships

United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry Presents Awards for Research

Jamal Mohamed - Jam Session
Jamal Mohamed, Director of the Meadows World Music Ensemble and one of five awarded the Sam Taylor Fellowship, in a jam session in Meadows' Atrium

Five Meadows faculty members are among the 11 SMU professors who have been awarded Sam Taylor Fellowships from the Sam Taylor Fellowship Fund of the Division of Higher Education, United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry.

The Sam Taylor Fellowships, funded by income from a portion of Taylor’s estate, award up to $2,000 for full-time faculty members at United Methodist-related colleges and universities in Texas. Any full-time faculty member is eligible to apply for the Fellowships, which support research “advancing the intellectual, social or religious life of Texas and the nation.”

Applications are evaluated on the significance of the project, clarity of the proposal, professional development of the applicant, value of the project to the community or nation, and the project’s sensitivity to value questions confronting higher education and society.

The Meadows winners for 2015-16 and their projects are as follows:

Anna Kim, assistant professor of advertising, for analysis of effectiveness of narrative advertising.

Stephanie Langin-Hooper, assistant professor of art history and Karl Kilinski II Endowed Chair of Hellenic Visual Culture, for photographic reproduction of museum artifacts in an upcoming article titled “Gender Experiments in Hellenistic Babylonian Figurines” to be published in Gender, Methodology, and the Ancient Near East in 2016. The article reflects Langin-Hooper’s 2014 invited keynote lecture at the Gender, Methodology, and the Ancient Near East conference held at the University of Helsinki’s “Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions” Centre of Excellence, a world-renowned institute for the study of ancient Mesopotamia.

Jamal Mohamed, instructor in music and director of the Meadows World Music Ensemble, for travel to Indonesia to study Gamelan music of west Java.

Sid Muralidharan, assistant professor of advertising, to collect survey data to study effectiveness of environmental advertising on encouraging shoppers to bring reusable carryout bags to grocery stores.

Hye Jin Yoon, assistant professor of advertising, for an experimental study to analyze effectiveness of health public-service advertising using guilt and humor appeals. Theoretical contributions will include observing the applicability of interaction of guilt and humor appeals in social marketing campaigns. Practical implications will include using guilt and humor information in effective ways to motivate the public to stay active, eat nutritiously and take care of their health.

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