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SMU Film Alum and Editor for TBS’ The Pete Holmes Show Talks His Day-To-Day, Wolverine Claws

Film alum Brad Conlin (Class of 2006) says: “Listen to people who know more than you.”

The real Hugh Jackman is never wrong. About anything. Over on Twitter, the ferociously talented actor who embodies X-Men’s scratchy superhero Wolverine said:

The sketch he’s referring to--in which Professor X fires Wolverine for being “worthless” and being frighteningly unaware of what a motorcycle is made of--is from the mind of comedian, host Pete Holmes for his new series on TBS. The video was edited by class of 2006’s Brad Conlin. It’s gathered over 1.5 million views on YouTube in a matter of days.

Conlin has worked on a variety of projects in LA that range from music videos to cutting content for Disney, but this is his first opportunity to work on a major network TV show.  

What’s your day-to-day been like so far?

Extremely busy. In other jobs, I've had a couple days to put a cut together and show it. Now, I have a couple hours to put something together. We're building a show! It's exciting. I'm thrilled to be working with such incredibly talented people.

How did you get Wolverine’s claws to look more real than the claws the terrible film X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

To get amazing Wolverine claws, work with an awesome graphics artist. They were much simpler than we thought. The claws are 3D, and they're tracked to marks on the actor's hands that were later painted out. Good sound design helps sell the effect as well.

What would you say to your 2006, Dude-I-Totally-Just-Graduated-College self?

Work hard, don't be a jerk, and LISTEN to people who know more than you.

The Pete Holmes Show Premieres Monday, October 28 on TBS. Look for more videos edited by Brad and the Pete Holmes crew on

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