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Meadows Lights Up 2013 Aurora Event in Downtown Dallas

Students, faculty and alums create captivating, luminous displays in Arts District; event free to the public on Friday, Oct. 18

Explore where art, science, media and landscape merge in "Hermetically Sealed" by Willie Baronet, SMU Temerlin Advertising Institute visiting executive-in-residence, and Robin Myrick.  Corner of Flora and N. Olive.

"Watchin' me Watchin' you" by creative computation adjunct professor Don Relyea  explores the intersection of facial recognition and surveillance; observers will be sketched live. Corner of Jack Evans and Flora streets.

The downtown Dallas Arts District will pulse with 90 contemporary works of art rendered in light on the evening of Friday, October 18, at the annual Aurora event, an expansive new-media art extravaganza covering 19 blocks of light installations illuminating buildings, landscapes, streets and courtyards.  Works by several SMU Meadows students, faculty and alumni will be on view at the free event, which also features live music, entertainment, pop-up bars and food trucks.

Check out the list of Meadows art installations, below, and see the Aurora website for details on parking, food and drink, and a complete list of artists and sponsors.

"Skull and Bones Sketch" by Millicent Johnnie, SMU Meadows Division of Dance assistant professor; Ira Greenberg, director, SMU Center of Creative Computation; Yong Bakos, visiting professor, SMU Center of Creative Computation; and Martin Sweidel, associate dean for administrative affairs, SMU Meadows School of the Arts; with the Skull and Bone Collective and the Hathaway Academy of Ballet. 

“Skull and Bones Sketch” is a collaborative mixed-media, live performance work. Each member brings movement signatures from pre-existing bodies of work, forming a kaleidoscope of color in a glowing cacophony of music, dance, neo-folklore and choreopoetry on the streets of the Arts District. Installation in front of the Meyerson Symphony Center, Flora & Pearl streets, 8 p.m. – midnight

"Nervous Bodies" by Brittany Ransom, SMU Meadows assistant professor of digital/hybrid media and video art, and Melissa Tran, M.F.A. Art'14

“Nervous Bodies” explores the physical, sensorial and metaphorical intersection of two improbable bodies. A human body converges with a colony of ants. The ants traverse the body landscape, following ink lines drawn onto the body as a representation of the human central nervous system. Because of the ants’ pheromone communication method, they are instinctually driven to follow the newly introduced smell produced by the ink. The collective body of the colony mimics the interactions of the individual human body acting within society. Installation at the Meyerson, southwest area off of Flora St., 7 p.m.-midnight.

"Watchin' me Watchin' you" by Don Relyea (B.F.A. Printmaking and B.B.S. Management Information Systems, ’92), adjunct professor, SMU Center of Creative Computation

Using the same facial recognition technology agencies use to track people in surveillance footage, this interactive art installation will track its patrons and sketch them live! (No actual footage of the patrons will be recorded, retained or sent over the Internet; only the sketches will be saved.) It will have a giant eye that will continue to scan and track patrons. Time permitting, the installation may upload its sketches to Twitter/Tumblr or a server with a website and make them available for patrons to download. Installation at the corner of Jack Evans and Flora St.

"Transition" by Eric Trich, former SMU Meadows student with Meadows Art student Jordan Castilleja

“Transition” is a piece about change. Viewers can download a free app, ERIC TRICH AR, on Android or Apple devices and point them at the sculpture to see through windows into new worlds. Installation at the Meyerson, west of the main door, 7 p.m.-midnight

"Echoes" by Michael Christopher Matson, Meadows alumnus

“Echoes“ creates a space of light emerging from sculptures, creating a more direct relationship with the environment. The patterns radiating from the sculptures penetrate the space, paint the surroundings with 2D light projection and occupy the space around the sculptures completely. The experience is one of being inside the sculpture; the light is like music penetrating the air, affecting all of the spaces and surfaces it reaches. Check the Aurora website for location.

"Hermetically Sealed" by Willie Baronet, SMU Temerlin Advertising Institute visiting executive-in-residence, and Robin Myrick

How does sound turn commuting into a cinematic event, transcending routine? How does the late-night TV conversation taking place thousands of miles away become about us? Are private, public and everything-in-between spheres a hive of lucid dreaming, full of intimate, airtight moments we experience collectively, but not together? “Hermetically Sealed” explores the intersection of identity and technology, creating a merged space that considers our symbiotic relationship with art, science, media and landscape. Installation at Flora and N. Olive, 7-11 p.m.

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