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The 10 Commandments of Social Media

Before his Social Media Certificate Program, Meadows' Steve Lee talks changing the game

By Steve Lee

Digital communication has rearranged much in our business and personal lives. There are libraries full of books on the subject, but no matter what approach you take there are a few cardinal rules.

Developed in conjunction with the Meadows School of the Arts, Division of Communication Studies, Public Relations Program, Steve Lee will lead a program, beginning September 20, on changing the game of social media. Check out the full info here: Social Media and Digital Communication Certificate Program.

  1. Know to whom you speak
    Not just "who" they are, but "what" the want and "why" they need it.

  2. Make it about them, not you
    Your audience is what matters most. What can you do to make their job easier, or help them look smarter?

  3. Say it right
    Poor grammar, spelling or punctuation says a lot about your organization.

  4. Be important, meaningful
    If what you have to say is important and timely, they will want it.

  5. Get to it
    Have a point and get to it. Be clear, concise, brief. Time is precious.

  6. Simplify
    From navigation to design to the complexity of your content, make it easy to find, read and understand.

  7. What now?
    What should they do next? Don't make them guess.

  8. Be interesting or entertaining
    Information can be dull, tell yours in a fun or unique way.

  9. Make them special
    Bring them inside and share something new, special, compelling.

  10. Listen
    Provide a way for comments. Listen, learn and respond.

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