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Fourteen Meadows Undergraduate Students Receive Funding as Part of SMU's Unbridled Projects

Unbridled Projects, the distinguishing feature of Engaged Learning, are student-developed and student-driven projects

SMU’s newest initiative, Engaged Learning, allows students to take an active role in their education, learn beyond the classroom, tackle real world issues, use the tools of the classroom and explore potential career paths. Unbridled Projects, the distinguishing feature of Engaged Learning, are student-developed and student-driven projects. Unbridled Projects take Engaged Learning to the next level by challenging students to connect their learning in the classroom with career realities. All projects are eligible for funding and students who successfully complete projects receive recognition on their SMU transcripts.

This year, SMU Meadows School of the Arts has 14 undergraduate students receiving Unbridled funding. Their names, majors and projects are listed below.

Senior Jan Anderson will explore segregation in churches in this post-Civil Rights era and current movements towards integration. (Majors: JOUR, HRTS; Mentor: Dr. Rick Halperin)

Senior Brittney Dickey, while in London, will analyze the impact of the London Olympics, a major global event, on global human rights awareness. (Majors: COMM; Mentor: Dr. Rita Kirk)

Junior Roza Essaw will assess the human rights situation in post-genocide Rwanda through on-site interviews and research. (Major: COMM, PLSC; Mentor: Dr. Rick Halperin)

Junior Taylor Johnson will study non-governmental organizations in London using the Olympics as a spring board for publicity and awareness. (Major: COMM, APSM; Mentor: Dr. Owen Lynch)

Junior Katharina Marino, after visiting the research station of the Harvard Forest in Massachusetts, will record the ecological diversity at the Great Trinity Forest in Dallas and develop a similar outreach program. (Major: JOUR, GEOL; Mentor: Dr. Bonnie Jacobs)

Sophomore Basma Raza will research societal perceptions of herself as female, Muslim, married, and student, to explore similarities within differences between cultures and ethnicities. (Major: COMM; Mentor: Dr. Owen Lynch)

Junior Jacqueline Ross will investigate and tell the story of the multi-racial, multi-ethnic student’s experience as undergraduate. (Major: COMM; Mentor: Dr. Owen Lynch)

Junior Juan Castillo will implement the redesigned student leadership curriculum at Irving ISD for high school Hispanic youth, and design and paint a mural for the school. (Major: ARST; Mentor: Dr. Carol Clyde)

Junior Rachel Stonecipher will volunteer at No More Deaths aid camp, Arizona, to learn about social inequalities inherent in service-based work, research best practices and develop training that addresses these issues. (Major: CTV, ANTH; Mentor: Dr. Caroline Brettell)

Junior Afomia Hailemeskel, while interning at the Reading, PA Project, will collect the sounds of the town to create a performance piece that addresses a community crippled by economic stagnation and the steps being taken to bring about change. (Major: THEA; Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Smith)

Junior Janielle Kastner, while interning at the Reading, PA Project, will document adolescent and teenage girls from different socio-economic environments and create a short film about their lives. (Major: THEA; Mentor: Dr. Gretchen Smith)

Junior Miranda Parham will compare and contrast consumer culture and gender roles of the U.S. and England, and create a solo performance piece that captures her findings. (Major: THEA; Mentor: Dr. Rhonda Blair)

Junior Ethan Patrick, will code a run-time music visualizer using Max 6 and processing software and use it at a live performance at the Conservatoire de Musique in Cannes, France. (Major: MUSC; Mentor: Dr. Ira Greenberg)

Sophomore Sarah Montonchaikul, while interning with the Mugello Valley Archaeological Project, Italy, will learn conservation techniques and document her learning as instructional materials for the project. (Major: ARHS, FL; Mentor: Dr. Greg Warden)

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