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Entrepreneur Trey Bowles Joins Meadows Faculty

Helping students conquer the next big step after leaving Meadows

Lillian Foster (B.S. Mathematics; B.A. Communication Studies ’14)

Trey Bowles, adjunct assistant professor in Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship (AMAE), is one of Meadows newest faculty additions. Bowles has years of experience in many areas of entertainment, including music, television and the Internet. Currently, he is co-chair of the Startup America Partnership in Texas, which helps provide entrepreneurs with incentives, resources and access to capital to help start and grow businesses.

He will teach two classes in the spring of 2012, “Attracting Capital” and “Developing an Arts Venture Plan.” The two courses are part of AMAE, an undergraduate minor program geared toward the business side of the arts. The minor integrates various communication and advertising courses in addition to other required entrepreneurship and management classes.

Though some think of the business side of arts and entertainment industries as marketing, AMAE courses provide a very clear distinction between the two fields. As Bowles explains, “Marketing is a piece of what you need to know in order to become an entrepreneur.” As Meadows students venture out into their respective industries, they will need to be able to market the craft that they’ve been perfecting for the last four years. Ultimately, students will need to build a business based on their talent. Bowles’ goal as a professor is to help students figure out exactly what they want to do with their lives and how to make their dreams become reality. Students will learn the right questions to ask, such as, “Is there someone out there willing to pay for my craft?” and “How do I discover my market?” When students leave SMU, Bowles expects they will utilize the tools they’ve been provided to secure a job in their given field.

Students will have the opportunity to gain real world knowledge from Bowles, a man well-versed in the arts and entertainment industries. In the past, he has managed bands such as the Green River Ordinance and Ben Rector; he has also acted as a managing advisor to Jordin Sparks. Bowles has written reality TV shows for MTV and the History Channel; worked for and ran the Christian video-sharing site Godtube; and promoted the feature-length film Bella, winner of the 2006 People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival. In addition, he helped build World Digital Media Group, owned and funded by Sirius Satellite Radio, Dish Network and RadioShack. In 2006, he cofounded Trivate Entertainment, a music management and promotions firm. Alongside his efforts within the media and entertainment world, Bowles also helps with charity-focused organizations such as TOMS Shoes, the Model Home Project and the local nonprofit Art House Dallas. Bowles is a strong believer in capitalism used for the greater good. To that end, he recently cofounded Social Canvas, an initiative working to redesign capitalism so that for-profit and nonprofit businesses can have a greater impact of social good on the world.

For more information on Trey Bowles, please visit:

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