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New “Mustang Strings” Orchestra to Premiere November 20 with Free Afternoon Concert in Caruth Auditorium

Performance launches orchestra of non-music majors

On November 20, Meadows will unleash a brand new ensemble: Mustang Strings. Mustang Strings is an orchestra directed by Dr. Deborah Perkins, who created the ensemble to give performance opportunities to students who are not majoring in music. The debut concert will be held at 3 p.m. in Caruth Auditorium, and admission is free.

Mustang Strings meets every Tuesday night for two hours, and after one semester of intense dedication and rehearsals, they are ready to present a program with music by Dvorak, Puccini, Rutter, Bernstein and more.

Prior to this semester, students had to major in music in order to perform in an orchestra. Mustang Strings, however, provides students the opportunity to be involved with something they are passionate about without dedicating their college experience to it.

“I had so wanted to keep up with the violin while devoting the majority of my time to my majors and other campus involvement," said Martha Pool, a sophomore accounting major with a minor in economics. "Mustang Strings is a wish come true.”

For some, the orchestra provides a chance to re-energize an artistic side that may have been put on the back burner in college.

“I joined Mustang Strings to rediscover the violin after taking a break since high school," senior business management and theatre studies major Trigg Burrage said. "This orchestra has put me back in touch with my instrument on a weekly basis, and I'm so thankful for that."

For others, Mustang Strings is a place where skills on secondary instruments can be further explored.

“I taught myself how to play bass a few years ago, and I learned double bass in Mustang Strings," said Ray Henninger, a sophomore majoring in horn performance. "I'm really enjoying the option of playing symphonic music in Mustang Strings. It is a lot of fun, and brings music back to people who are really passionate about playing it.”

Mustang Strings currently has 19 members, and Dr. Perkins said the group is hoping to double in size next semester.

"Mustang Strings has had an excellent start," said Dr. Perkins. "The students show up, work hard and are making music. I can't ask for much more - except for a few more players."

To register for Mustang Strings:
PERE 1011 no credit, PERE 1111 one credit, PERE 6111 grad credit.

For more information, contact

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