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CCPA Welcomes New Majors

A special night for majors and students interested in CCPA

By Jordan Rutledge (B.A. CCPA - ‘12)

New majors accepted into the Division of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs (CCPA) were honored and formally admitted into the program at a ceremony on September 16 at the Meadows Museum.

The new majors, ranging from sophomores to seniors, had all completed required courses in Communication Theory, Rhetoric, Community and Public Deliberation, Strategic Writing, and Communication Research. Their acceptance into the CCPA major was determined by grade point average as well as portfolio work and completion.

According to sophomore new major Taylor Reed, the hard work and long hours of studying were worth it. “After two semesters of dedication and hard work, the new major ceremony was a special night that will hold a special place in my memories of SMU and the CCPA department,” she said.

The ceremony began with a welcome from the new department chair, Dr. Ben Voth. Students were later called by name and received their portfolios from professors of the department. Other guests of honor were CCPA Advisory Board members, including Mike Lake, chairman of the Southwest region of Burson-Marsteller, and Carolyn Covey Morris, president of QMobius Inc.

The ceremony also included information on programs within CCPA for current majors as well as pre-majors. This ceremony was their opportunity to see how much the professors care about the students and the caliber of the CCPA program. Sophomore pre-major Natalie Coca said, “It's enlightening to be surrounded by so many distinguished professors and know that they truly have your best interest at heart."

The ceremony ended with a reception for old, new, and pre-majors alike. It was an opportunity for students to mingle with the professors and the advisory board, and a chance for pre-majors to receive advice from new majors.

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