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SMU Arts Administration Wants to Know Citizens’ Awareness of the City of Dallas’s Collection of Public Art

Do you ever stop to think about public art? We see it all of the time in Dallas, but how many of us are aware of the city's Public Art Collection?

The Division of Arts Administration within the Meadows School of the Arts is working in collaboration with the Business Council for the Arts to conduct a survey on the City of Dallas’s Public Art Collection among Dallas residents and visitors. The City’s Public Art Collection includes over 300 works of art. Most of these public artworks are made by local and regional artists and are either commissioned or donated works. Moreover, in addition to the City’s own collection of public art, there are many works of art in downtown Dallas that belong to private museums (such as the Nasher Sculpture Center) and office and residential buildings. Together these collections make downtown Dallas a great place to view art. SMU students are invited to participate in the survey and circulate it to others. More information and a link to the survey can be found on

“The results of this survey will test the awareness, meaning and possible commitment to the City’s Public Art Collection by people living in Dallas and Texas, as well as visitors to our city from the U.S. and abroad,” says Elisabetta Lazzaro, Assistant Professor of Cultural Economics/Policy and Marketing of the Arts in the Division of Arts Administration at SMU. “In collaboration with the Business Council for the Arts, the Division of Arts Administration has designed and distributed a survey. This is part of a broader and longer-lasting research project within the Division of Arts Administration, in collaboration with Dallas arts organizations, aiming to assess the socio-economic impact of the arts and culture in Dallas.”

The Division of Arts Administration, in collaboration with the Cox School of Business, offers a graduate MA/MBA program in Arts Administration. Starting next spring, the Division of Arts Administration will offer Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship as Minor programs to undergraduates. The Division of Arts Administration will include the following courses in these programs: ARAD 3322 Marketing the Arts; ARAD 4301 Intro to Arts Management; ARAD 6321/4321 Law & the Arts; and ARAD 6326/4326 Cultural Policy (the last two courses are offered at both the graduate and undergraduate level). Each of these courses can be attended by undergraduate students in and outside of Meadows. For more information, please contact or the courses’ instructors.

Arts Administration thanks readers for helping them by taking the survey and sending it to friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances in Dallas, North Texas and beyond!

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