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Dallas - An Arts Capital? Dean Bowen and Professor Voss Comment on the Possibility

José Bowen and Zannie Voss informed readers of the importance of art in Dallas in a Dallas Morning News editorial response

The following is an excerpt from the “Dallas – an arts capital?” blog written by Dean José Bowen and Chair of the division of Arts Administration Zannie Voss.  It is a response to the editorial “Dallas can tolerate tough budget with no tax increase” in the August 11 edition of The Dallas Morning News. Read the entire response.

"In 2009, with the opening of the AT&T Performing Arts Center in the Arts District, Dallas showed the world its commitment to innovation, creativity and achievement. But now, on the road to becoming a world-class arts capital, the city would fail the smaller and midsize organizations that are essential to complete our journey.

"The city's proposed budget would eliminate both the Cultural Projects and Community Arts programs. It might seem that we could afford to lose a few smaller arts organizations. We can't."

Read the entire response.


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