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Meadows Museum Director Mark Roglán Talks with D Magazine About the Prado Partnership

A 40-year-old dream becomes reality with the Meadows Museum’s three-year collaboration with the Prado

The following excerpt is from the D Magazine September 2010 article, “Can SMU's Meadows Museum Become the Prado on the Prairie?” Read the full article.

If you ask Mark Roglán about the three-year partnership between Spain’s Prado museum and SMU’s Meadows Museum, he will describe his role as a minor one. Sure, Roglán, the Meadows’ director, spent part of his curatorial career working in the Prado, one of the world’s greatest museums, bringing to the Meadows valuable personal connections and relationships. And Roglán got the top job at SMU in part because of his track record of orchestrating high-profile loans of priceless works of art, including exhibitions from the National Archaeological Museum of Spain, the Patrimonio Nacional, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.

Roglán, however, insists the Prado partnership, which will bring to Dallas works by Spanish masters El Greco, Jusepe de Ribera, and Diego Velázquez, is the accomplishment of the museum’s founder, Algur H. Meadows. Meadows was an oil tycoon. In the 1950s and ’60s, oil exploration took Meadows around the world, and on the Iberian Peninsula he developed a deep appreciation for the great Spanish painters. He began buying art voraciously, amassing one of the world’s foremost collections of Spanish art. “It is rare when you go to Madrid and there is an exhibition in the Prado that you don’t see a Meadows painting exhibited,” Roglán says. That collection is the bedrock of the Meadows Museum, and Roglán says it was the most instrumental factor in securing the Prado connection.

“This is what I found incredible,” Roglán says. “He goes two months a year, and he falls in love with Spanish art. He is quoted in the Houston Chronicle in the 1960s that he was adamant about making a small Prado for Texas. Imagine the vision of this gentleman. This is the best of the American spirit, the kind of people who have these dreams.”

Read the full article.

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