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Temerlin Advertising Students Selected to Participate in Prestigious International Competition

SMU Teams Win 3 of 10 Finalist Spots for The One Club Client Pitch Competition in New York

For college advertising students who aspire to careers in the creative side of the business, as copywriters and art directors, participation in The One Club Client Pitch Competition is an extraordinary honor. The New York-based competition is considered one of the world’s most prestigious student showcases, and participation is by invitation only. Finalists for the 2010 competition in May have just been announced, and three of the 10 teams selected to participate are from SMU’s Temerlin Advertising Institute – out of hundreds of entries from top schools worldwide.

The Client Pitch Competition offers students a chance to win an award based on their ability to create and articulate a focused strategy in the form of a persuasive marketing pitch. Students from advertising programs around the globe submit ideas for a client chosen by The One Club – which this year is the artistic watchmaker Nooka – and 10 finalist teams are chosen to actually present their pitches to the client and a panel of top creative directors. The competition takes place May 12 in New York City, and the winning team will be announced during the Student Awards Ceremony that evening. The winning team will receive a prize of $2,000.

The SMU student teams selected to participate include:

Jordan Chlapecka (B.A. ’11)
Randall Kenworthy (B.A. ’10)

Elizabeth Entenman (B.A. ’10)
Cassie Pankonien (B.A. ’11)

Matthew Linder (M.A. student)
Sarah Treis (B.A. ’10)

Other schools represented on the list include VCU Brandcenter, Berghs School of Communication (Sweden), Brigham Young University, London College of Communication and California State University, Long Beach.

“Our students have been invited to participate in this competition in past years, but we’ve never had this many teams chosen in a single year,” said Dr. Glenn Griffin, who leads the creative program at Temerlin. “We are honored to be in the company of some of the premier creative programs in the world and look forward to seeing all of the students’ presentations.”

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