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Graduate Art Student Kristen Cochran Featured in Solo Exhibition at CentralTrak

Show on View Through April 24

Kristen Cochran, a second-year M.F.A. student in the Division of Art, has a solo show titled “Undercover” on view through April 24 at CentralTrak, the Deep Ellum gallery and artists’ residency managed by the University of Texas at Dallas.

The show features some 60 mixed media drawings set within an installation of hanging soft sculptures, wall painting, and discrete objects.

"My work explores the necessity and function of 'coverings'," said Cochran. "Shelters, clothing, masks, and veils are objects that can provide comfort, anonymity, solitude and refuge or, conversely, can suffocate, restrict and isolate. I am interested in this charged dichotomy: that something as seemingly innocuous as a bed sheet, a belt or a tent can serve as a means of comfort and embellishment or as a restrictive means to hide body, identity, difference or trauma.

"This environment, Undercover, uses common body coverings to locate the body in space. Instead of providing comfort and protection these coverings shroud, disguise, hover and sway."

Cochran’s solo show is presented in conjunction with the group exhibition “Transitive Pairings: Body Object,” which brings together pairings of architects, artists and designers to create objects or installations that examine the relationship between the body and objects.

CentralTrak is located at 800 Exposition Ave. in Dallas (75226). Exhibition hours are Wed. - Sat., 12 - 5 p.m., and admission is free. For more information, call 214-824-9302.

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