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It Even Snows in Dallas

Snow Blankets the SMU Campus – Post Your Photos On the Meadows Facebook Group

UPDATE 11 a.m. 02/12/2010: Because of inclement weather, the SMU campus will be closed all day Friday, February 12.

Dallas, Texas isn’t known for its wintry weather – which makes a fresh blanket of snow that much more exciting to the students, faculty, and staff at the Meadows School of the Arts.

3 to 4 inches of snow have fallen in the Dallas/Fort Worth area as of noon Thursday, with more expected through the evening. Classes have continued as scheduled, however, as roads have remained wet rather than icy. For up-to-the-minute notices on cancellations and delays, please visit the SMU home page.

The wet, fluffy snowfall has come as a boon to many students, who are making the most of the event by starting snowball fights and building snowmen.

Students and community members with cameras are taking advantage of the rare weather as well by capturing the already-picturesque campus in its unusually snowy state. We’ve posted several photos of the winter wonderland on our Facebook group, and encourage all members of the Meadows community to do the same.

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