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Paul Phillips and Carol Leone to Perform with Voices of Change on Feb. 21

"Time After Time" Concert to Be Held in Caruth Auditorium

Voices of Change presents its third subscription concert on February 21, 2010, at 7:30 p.m. in Caruth Auditorium in the Owen Arts Center on the campus of Southern Methodist University. Fred Lerdahl’s chamber piece Time After Time, a Pierrot ensemble with percussion, will be featured, with Dr. Paul Phillips conducting. Also on the program are Cold Litanies, an imaginative score by David Liptak, a recent (2007) piece by Hungarian composer György Kurtág, Sonata for clarinet and piano by Leonard Bernstein (1942 - his first published), and Rhapsodia, a flute and marimba piece by G. Bradley Bodine composed especially for VOC musicians Helen Blackburn and Drew Lang. Carol Leone is guest pianist.

Time after Time was composed in 2000 for the Washington Square Contemporary Music Society (in New York City) and Collage (in Boston). Time after Time gets its title because it is written in a cyclic form. Written for Pierrot ensemble with percussion, composer Fred Lerdahl takes a simple idea and lets it grow and expand with each cycle. The first movement is explosive, using the brighter timbre of the ensemble, as the music spirals from one color to another. The second movement is more reflective and tranquil.

Dr. Paul Phillips will conduct Time After Time. Phillips currently serves as Chair of the Department of Ensembles and Conducting, Professor of Music and Music Director of the Meadows Symphony Orchestra. In January of this year, Phillips conducted the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to rave reviews. Dr. Carol Leone, Chair of the Keyboard Department and Associate Professor of Piano and at SMU Meadows School of the Arts, will be guest pianist for this concert. She has performed and taught throughout the US, Europe, and South Korea and has been a prizewinner in numerous piano competitions.

Varga Bálint Ligatúrája by Hungarian composer György Kurtág is one of his most recent works. VOC Artistic Director Maria Schleuning comments, “This piece is typical of his style. Interestingly, he asks for an upright piano to be used. The strings are muted throughout. It is slow and fragmented with glassy textures. It was premiered in 2007 at the Musikverein, and is only 4 minutes in length (which again is typical of Kurtag). It was written as a retirement gift for one of the executives at Universal Edition who was a longtime supporter (Balint).”

Leonard Bernstein’s Sonata for clarinet and piano was first performed April 21, 1942 at the Institute of Modern Art, Boston with David Glazer, clarinet and Bernstein, piano. It was his first published piece--written while he was still a student. The first movement is very lyrical (some possible predecessors to Westside Story), and the second movement is more jazzy.

David Liptak is on the faculty at Eastman School of Music and has won several Chamber Music awards. Maria Schleuning says of Cold Litanies, the piece selected for this concert, “His style is more traditional, but still very imaginative and original. He does interesting things with texture and timbres, and I was drawn to this piece because the instrumentation (fl, cello, and piano) is unusual and challenging. It was a well written score, and I have admired his other work--but this is one that I have not heard--there are no recordings. I am looking forward to discovering it for the first time.”

Single Concert Tickets are $30 at the door or $25 online. Free admission to students, faculty and staff with ID.

Order online at VOC website: or call 214-378-8670.

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