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Art Professor Bill Komodore to Exhibit at Decorazon Gallery

"Arcadia - The Recent Paintings" Runs February 13 through March 9, 2010

Art professor Bill Komodore will be exhibiting at the Decorazon Gallery in the Bishop Arts District February 13 through March 9, 2010.  The exhibition, Arcadia - The Recent Paintings, opens with a reception February 13 at 6 p.m.

In a recent art review by Lucia Simek, she writes, “Mr. Komodore is playing both with the mythical idea of Arcadia as a place of creative perception and with the experience of being a native of the actual Arcadia, Greece, which he describes as “the bucolic land of shepherds, beautiful nymphs, and satyrs.” In a series of paintings in which white paint has been actively scratched to reveal colored surfaces beneath, the white paint acts like a metaphorical fog, with images carved into it that are scratchy, childlike rendering of disparate things... Because of this, Mr. Komodore doesn’t give precedence to the image he carves in the surface, but suggests through the process of layering paint that it is only within a deep framework of experience and catalog that particular images are born.”

Bill Komodore is also a leading authority of nineteenth-century pottery of the south, specializing in the pottery of Texas. Since 1987, he has independently studied and collected pottery, including ongoing work on an index of early Texas potters. Perhaps his immense appreciation of that art form derives from the fact that as a child, he survived the Second World War bombing of Athens by hiding in large water jugs. Some have often referred to Bill Komodore as an “artist/ poet-warrior.”

"Common events, uncommonly revealed, have been my lifelong pursuit in painting. These include memories, observations on relationships and nature, musings on world affairs, meditations on myths, religion and the transience of time. Sometimes, the events are uncommon, and these, I like to show in the simplest manner possible. I am very thankful to my work, for it has taught me a lot."

For more information, contact MK Semos (, 214.946.1003) at the Decorazon Gallery.

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