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Interdisciplinary "Meadows at the Bath House" Series Launches

“Meadows at the Bath House,” a new series featuring interdisciplinary performances by faculty and students of the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University, opened at the Bath House Cultural Center on October 28.

The series reflects the Meadows School’s interest in expanding its interdisciplinary offerings in the community, fostered by the dean, Dr. José Bowen. “In any given show you’re likely to see musicians working with dancers, poets and/or actors and, behind the scenes, there may be collaborations with the advertising department or film students documenting or using their talents as a component within the show itself,” says Kim Corbet, series producer and Meadows music history faculty member.

The first show featured the music and dance explorations of BL Lacerta at 8 p.m. Wednesday, October 28. BL Lacerta is an interdisciplinary ensemble composed of three musicians and two dancers. The musicians include Corbet on trombone and synthesizer, Dr. Kevin Hanlon (Associate Professor of Music Composition) on guitar, and pianist David Anderson of SMU’s Geological Sciences Dept. The Meadows-trained dancers are Tawanda Chabikwa (M.F.A. ‘10) and Jennifer Mabus (B.F.A. ‘93).  “The group rigorously rehearses improvisationally, with dancers routinely making music and musicians moving on stage with the dancers,” says Corbet.

The second show features the Meadows faculty jazz quintet Jampact at 8 p.m. Friday, November 13, along with videographers/movement artists. The group includes Meadows School Dean José Bowen (piano), Akira Sato (trumpet), Jamal Mohamed (drums), Buddy Mohmed (bass) and Corbet. An eclectic and innovative electro-acoustic band mixing jazz, funk, and world music, Jampact performs original music and improvisation with interactive digital video, using live cameras to project the movement artists’ work on large screens behind the musicians. The musicians improvise based on the live video, while the videographers/movement artists respond to the music.

Tickets to each performance are $5. The Bath House Cultural Center is located at 521 E. Lawther Drive on the east side of White Rock Lake. For more information, contact Kim Corbet at 214-542-5663 or visit

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