Jean Marie Christensen

Art History



Jean Marie Christensen is a doctoral candidate and lecturer in the RASC/a: Rhetorics of Art, Space and Culture Ph.D. program in art history at SMU. She received her B.A. in history with an art history minor from Oklahoma State University in 2015 and her M.A. in European history from The University of Tulsa in 2017.

Her research focuses on early modern British portraiture and the constructions of power through the making of the ideal physical body and kinship relations within and beyond royal and aristocratic families.

Her dissertation, “Bodies of the Crown: Health, Kinship, and the Construction of the Royal Body in Early Modern English Portraiture,” examines the longue duree of Tudor-Stuart portraiture and its intersection with theories of the king’s two bodies and the body politic regarding how imagery corrects bodily non-normativity through the communal interactions between the monarch, artist, and royal court to produce authority.


Ph.D. candidate, Southern Methodist University
M.A., History, The University of Tulsa
B.A., History, summa cum laude, Oklahoma State University

Recent Work

Early modern English portraiture and its ties to politics of power, kinship and family, disability and bodily non-normativity; the construction of bodily ideals and its disparity with reality

Course list

Picturing Children and the Family in Art ARHS 3387
British Art and Architecture ARHS 3351