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Kathy Windrow

Adjunct Instructor

Kathy Windrow is an artist and art historian. Her research interests include birds in the Roman wall paintings at Oplontis, religious iconography in folk art and non-Western art traditions with an emphasis on Mesoamerican art. She has lectured widely on the art of Asia, Africa and the Americas, Días de los Muertos and Mexican folk art. In addition to teaching drawing for stage design to graduate students at Meadows, she is the director of the SMU-in-Italy Arts and Culture program and serves annually on two archaeological projects in Italy: the Oplontis Project near Pompeii and SMU's Etruscan excavations at Poggio Colla.

As a visual artist, Windrow’s work explores schema or signs as part of a metalanguage for pinpointing localities and events in mythological and topographical spaces. Issues of space, change and changelessness, and the underlying geometry of natural patterns are addressed in installations, paintings and found object pieces. Her work has been exhibited nationally as well as in Peru, Hungary and Italy. Windrow designed scenery in the 1990s for Extra Virgin Performance Cooperative at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary in Dallas and at Eastfield College, where she has taught art and art history full time since 1992.


M.A. Art History, Southern Methodist University
M.F.A. Painting, Southern Methodist University
B.F.A. Studio Art, summa cum laude, Southern Methodist University


Meadows and SMU: Drawing for Stage Designers (2000-present); Drawing in Italy for Beginners (1991 to present); Directed Studies Drawing in Italy for Advanced Students (1991 to present); Oaxaca: A Sense of Place (2008-10); Survey of Non-Western Art Traditions (1997). Also a full-time faculty member at Eastfield College, teaching art and art history since 1992.


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