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Meadows Theatre Alumni Fund

A Message from Theatre Alum Katie Featherston

Hi, my name is Katie Featherston.

Katie FeatherstonI am a Meadows theatre graduate and an actress here in Los Angeles, most recently appearing in the Paranormal Activity franchise. I remember my time at SMU being special in many ways. I learned an incredible amount (as I am sure you did, too), I grew as an artist and a person, and I made lifelong friendships that continue to this day.

When I first started out and was a struggling actress in Los Angeles, I daydreamed about the many things I would do when I had extra funds. One of the ideas was a scholarship fund for graduating SMU theatre students — the idea being that every student who was committed to launching a professional career would be gifted a specific amount of money to get them started. (No one ever tells you how expensive it is to start out as an actor!)

Whether it be for headshots or classes, everyone could probably use the help, and where better for that help to come from than artists who have already walked in their shoes?

For the past two years I have worked closely with the Meadows faculty to create the Meadows Theatre Alumni Fund. My hope is that if you too were bettered by your time at SMU, or if you remember what it was like to be brand new in a big city, you might consider donating. No amount is too small or too big. I hope you will join me today by supporting the graduating theatre students. You can donate online on the Meadows giving page by selecting the Meadows Theatre Alumni Award from the "Select a Fund" menu. And, if you can help spread the word to other alumni, that is very much appreciated too.

My long-term goal for this fund is to give our new alumni a bit of a leg up and to better connect our SMU theatre community. There are so many of us doing great things, and I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing group.

Very sincerely,
Katie Featherston

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