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Student Achievements

American Fine Arts Festival
Performance with orchestra in Moscow, Russia, July 2016
Roy Xiong, First Prize

International Keyboard Odyssiad® & Festival, U.S.A.
James Tien, Gold Medal, under 13 solo

Brancaleoni International Music Festival, Italy
(August 2016)
Apsaline Douglas
Cynthia Gu
Astrid Morales
Lígia Pucci
Alexis Ren

MTNA Group Piano and Piano Pedagogy Conference
(August 2016)
Rachel Menscher, presenter

SMU Institute for Young Pianists
(July 2016)
JoEllen West, Honorable Mention, Grades 7-9

TMTA State Composition Contest
(June 2016)
Shiv Yajnik, First Prize and State Convention Performance, Grades 6-7

MTNA National Conference
(April 2016)
Jessie Welsh, presenter
Rachel Menscher, presenter

Wysong-Joplin Masterclasses & Competition
(April 2016)
Cynthia Gu, finalist

Dallas Symphonic Festival
(February 2016)
Eric Chen, Grand Prize
Performance of Prokofiev Concerto No. 3 (I) with Meadows Symphony Orchestra, March 23
Shiv Yajnik, 1st place, Senior Sonata
Claire Chiang, 1st place, Intermediate Concerto
James Tien, 1st place, Elementary Sonata
Cynthia Gu, 4th Place, Senior Concerto
Alexis Ren, 5th Place, Senior Concerto
Apsaline Douglas - 5th Place, Senior Sonata
Charlie Zhang - 6th Place, Intermediate Concerto
Kimball Deaguero, HM, Senior Sonata
Lucy Yang, HM, Intermediate Sonata
Lauren Ouyang, Participant, Junior Sonata
Erika Ren, Participant, Junior Sonata

International Piano Festival, Houston, TX
(February 2016)
Cynthia Gu, masterclass with Abbey Simon
Lígia Pucci, masterclass with John O’Conor

DMTA Jazz/Pop Festival & Competition
(February 2016)
Nina Berry, 1st place, Division 5
Sebastian Lee, 2nd Place, Division 2
JoEllen West, 2nd place, Division 6
Lucy Yang, 2nd place, Division 5
An Tran, HM, Division 6
Ava Robertson, HM, Division 3
Sophie Robertson, HM, Division 6

Schmidbauer International Competition
(January 2016)
Eric Chen, Second Prize ($1000)

American Fine Arts Festival
International Concerto Competition

(January 2016)
Roy Xiong, performance in Weill Recital Hall NYC

Plano Symphony Young Artist Competition
(January 2016)
James Tien, Grand Prize
Performance of Chopin E Minor Concerto (I) with Plano Symphony March 19
Eric Chen, HM, Senior concerto division
Claire Chiang, HM, Junior concerto division

MTNA –Texas
(November 2015)
Roy Xiong, 1st Place, Senior Piano Division, 2nd place South Central Region
Claire Chiang, 2nd Place, Junior Piano Division
Cynthia Gu, participant, Senior Piano Division
Alexis Ren, participant, Senior Piano Division

Dallas Piano Solo Competition
(November 2015)
An Tran, 1st Place, Division VA
Sophie Hung, 2nd Place, Division VIIA
Kerwin Zhang, 2nd Place, Divison IIIC
Pranay Varada, HM, Division VIA
Vrinda Varada, HM, Division VA
Shiv Yajnik, HM, Division VIA
JoEllen West, Finalist, Division VB
Lauren Ouyang, Participant, Division VIII
Max Yan, Participant, Division I
Lucy Yang, Participant, Division IVB
Charlie Zhang, Participant, Division VIB
Kaylan Zhang, Participant, Division IIIB

Van Cliburn Educational Foundation
(October 2015)
(Six performances in Bass Hall, Ft Worth, for audiences of 12,000+ with Adam Golka presenting "Van Cliburn: An American Hero")
An Tran
Pranay Varada
Vrinda Varada
JoEllen West
Lucy Yang
Charlie Zhang
Kaylan Zhang
Kerwin Zhang

TMTA Theory Exam
(scores of 90+)
Siddharth Anand
Trisha Anand
Maia Anchia
Nina Berry
Eric Chen
Claire Chiang
Ellie Chong
Sarah Chung
Pranav Danda
Varsha Danda
Apsaline Douglas
Leila Gottlieb
Cynthia Gu
Alex Hung
Sophie Hung
Sheila Keshavarz
Max Lee
Sebastian Lee
Benjamin Limsenben
Lauren Ouyang
Daxin Qi
Marlowe Ratliff
Varsha Ravi
Alexis Ren
Ava Robertson
Sophie Robertson
Weitao Shi
Audrey Teeples
Ivy Tian
An Tran
Michael Tsang
Kai Tsuei
Hannah Tsuei
Pranay Varada
Vrinda Varada
Shreya Vignesh
Elizabeth Wang
Devon West
JoEllen West
Michael Wilson
Roy Xiong
Shiv Yajnik
Max Yan
Lucy Yang
Charlie Zhang
Zoe Zaner

TMTA World of Music Exam
(scores of 90+)
Devon West
JoEllen West

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