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B.M. in Music Education (Teacher Certification)

The Bachelor of Music in Music Education with Teacher Certification prepares undergraduates for teaching careers in early childhood through 12th grade music programs. This program combines conservatory-level music experiences, research-proven teaching methodologies, and a strong liberal arts education with practical experiences in public schools to develop leaders in the field of music education. This degree can be completed in four years.

Students intending to major in the Music Education program must perform an audition on their principal instrument (includes Voice) as outlined in the Required Undergraduate Audition Repertoire section of this website, interview with the music education faculty, and complete a theory and aural skills examination.

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Degree Requirements

Requirements for the Degree

Credit Hours

  Instrumental Vocal or Keyboard
UC/GEC Requirements varies varies

Music Arts and Skills

0 0

Music Arts and Skills

0 0
Composition and Theory

12 12

Composition and Theory

3 3
Music History and Literature 8 8
Class Instruction for Performance 4 4
Private Studies 3200 14 14


4 4

Performance Ensembles

  • PERE Large Ensemble (each term of residence)
5 5

Performance Ensembles

1 1
Class Instruction for Performance
  • PERB 3116 Contemporary Music Workshop
1 1

Music Arts and Skills

2 2

For Instrumental:


For Vocal or Keyboard:


Music Education

5 5

Music Education

3 3

PERB Diction choose any two of the following:



  • EDU 2350 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 5327 Integrating Teaching and Learning
  • EDU 5349 Learning Environment and Professionalism: EC-12
9 9

Community Experience

0-1 0-1

Free Electives (hours vary as needed to meet University residency and degree requirements

varies varies
  122** 122**

*Additional requirements for teacher certification:

Student teaching: Select any two with adviser approval:

  • EDU 5363 Elementary Student Teaching
  • EDU 5364 Elementary Student Teaching
  • EDU 5373 Secondary Student Teaching
  • EDU 5374 Secondary Student Teaching

Successful completion of the state TExES examination


6 6

The following is the current course of study for the degree. Current students should refer to the SMU Catalog (maintained by the Registrar's Office) listings under their year of matriculation to find their degree plan.

**GEC students are required to complete a minimum of 124 term credit hours, and are exempt from three hours of Perspectives and an additional three hours of either Perspectives or Cultural Formations.

After the completion of 60 hours of coursework, including the music theory sequence, music education students must successfully undergo an upper-division review before enrolling in upper-division coursework. The senior major should present one solo performance in general recital. Prior to student-teaching certification, students must complete 45 clock hours of field experience in early childhood through grade 12 schools. 

Students should arrange to take both portions of the state-mandated Texas Higher Education Assessment before their student-teaching term. Registration for the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities Test requires approval of the Department of Teaching and Learning of the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development. Students are not eligible to apply for state certification until successful completion of the TExES examination, all degree requirements and student-teaching hours.

Student teaching, in addition to being subject to the eligibility requirements published by the Department of Teaching and Learning, must be approved by the Music Education Department, and must follow successful completion of all methods (MUED) and techniques (MUAS) courses. Student teaching is considered a full-time endeavor, with no daytime coursework or concurrent ensemble assignments.

Dual Degree in Performance and Music Education

Students who meet degree candidacy criteria in both performance and music education can pursue dual degrees in these fields. If begun by the second or third term, the second degree can usually be achieved with a range of 9 to 17 additional credits (approximately one term) through wise use of electives and curricular planning. Students considering these plans should consult their adviser and the department heads as early as possible in their academic program.

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