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Welcome to MuSci Lab

The MuSci Lab is a space for students and faculty with strong interests in both music and science to pursue advanced, personalized studies in the some of the most cutting-edge areas of empirical music studies. How does music make people feel things? Why? We explore these and other questions using methods from experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience to better understand music’s grip on human emotion and imagination.

About the Lab

  • The MuSci Lab aims to nurture learning and community by connecting individuals interested in music perception and cognition and providing them with the resources and hands-on training necessary to design and carry out original music experiments.
  • The lab is located in OFAC room 2114 (a shared space with the Music Education Resource Room)
  • There are many ways to participate in the MuSci community, including joining the lab group, working as a research assistant, taking music courses associated with the lab, and volunteering to participate in an experiment.

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