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Graduate Studies Audition Requirements

Please review the audition requirements listed below for area in the Master of Music in Performance or Performer's Diploma.

Master of Music degrees in Music Education, Composition, Conducting, Music History and Literature and Music Theory Pedagogy do not require an audition on a principal instrument (or voice).

Listed alphabetically by instrument.

Mozart Bassoon Concerto – 2nd movement and the exposition of the 1st movement; one movement of any other standard concerto or recital piece; five orchestral excerpts of the candidate’s choice.

One unaccompanied piece (excluding etudes); one standard concerto (all movements).

One movement from a standard recital piece or concerto. One Rose etude of your choice. Two orchestral excerpts.

One standard concerto; four orchestral excerpts.

1st movement of either the Mozart Concerto in G or D Major; a second piece of your choice that contrasts stylistically with the Mozart concerto, preferably a French Conservatory piece; two movements of any Bach sonata.

GUITAR (Classical Guitar)
Two movements from a Bach suite; a theme and variations or sonata/allegro movement by Sor or Giuliani; two Villa-Lobos etudes; a contemporary work by a composer like Martin, Brouwer, Henze, etc.

Two contrasting solos of choice and one orchestra excerpt of choice.

1st movement of either 2nd or 4th Mozart Horn Concerto; 1st movement of the Strauss Horn Concerto No. 1; all major and melodic minor scales; four to six contrasting orchestral excerpts.

1st movement of the Mozart Concerto; Ferling Etude #1 and Ferling Etude #2.

Transfer and graduate students should include a Baroque piece, a major Bach work, a piece in the romantic style, and a contemporary piece, preferably one demonstrating technical dexterity.

All auditioning organ students must include a complete repertoire list, specification of the organ on which the audition was recorded, when applicable, and a listing of the dates when each work was begun. Bring these to the audition or submit them with the recording.

A short sight reading exercise will be administered at the audition.

PERCUSSION — audition on all of the following:
All major and minor scales and arpeggios (two octaves); one two-mallet etude or solo; one four-mallet etude or solo, plus three to five standard orchestral excerpts.

Any etude by Goodman, Hochrainer, or Delecluse using three or four drums, plus three to five standard orchestral excerpts.

One etude from 14 Modern Contest Solos by John S. Pratt; one etude by Cirone, Delecluse or comparable, plus three to five standard orchestral excerpts.

Audition repertoire should include pieces from a minimum of three stylistic periods. One of those pieces must be from the Baroque or Classical periods.

  • Candidates auditioning for the MM in Performance or the MM in Performance and Pedagogy should prepare at least 40 minutes of memorized music, from which the piano faculty may choose.
  • Candidates auditioning for the Performer's Diploma should prepare at least 60 minutes of memorized music, from which the piano faculty may choose.

Any major concerto OR movements 1 & 2 or movements 2 & 3 of the Creston Saxophone Sonata; and major and minor scales.

Solo of choice; two contrasting etudes (i.e. one melodic, one technical); two orchestral excerpts; and major scales and arpeggios.

Two contrasting etudes from Charlier 36 Etudes and/or from Bitsch 20 Etudes; four-to-six orchestral excerpts; and one of the following: 1st movement of the Haydn Concerto, 1st or 3rd movement of the Tomasi Concertoor 1st movement of the Stevens Sonata.

All major scales; two contrasting etudes from either Blazevich (Book I), Kopprasch or Bordogni (Rochut); three to five contrasting orchestral excerpts of an applicant's choice; and one of the following: Hindemith Tuba Sonata or 1st movement of the Vaughn Williams Concerto.

Two contrasting movements of Bach; one movement of a concerto; and three orchestral excerpts—one that includes spiccato. No etudes.

Three pieces of different styles. One piece may be a caprice or etude.

VOICE (Requires submission of a “pre-screening” video by December 1st)
Applicants should submit a copy of a program from their senior recital or equivalent performance, and prepare the following:

  • An aria from an opera or oratorio
  • Two art songs in languages other than English
  • One contemporary art song

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