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Music Education (MUED) Classes

Please note that not all courses are offered every semester. This listing is not considered authoritative. Please visit Access.SMU for authoritative course offerings including meeting times, professor, and more.

MUED 2250: New Horizons In Music Education
Observation and discussion of  teaching methodologies conducted primarily in the public schools. Includes hands-on teaching experiences with supervision by SMU faculty and public school cooperating teachers. Spring term. 

MUED 3330: General Music Methods and Materials
An investigation of Dalcroze, Orff, Kodaly, and Comprehensive Musicianship methodologies for teaching elementary general music. Includes public school classroom observations. Course ends with guitar instruction and a proficiency exam. Fall term. 

MUED 3331: Band and Orchestra Music Education
Methods, Literature and Materials Covers materials for instruction, motivation, administration, class control, and performance preparation. Spring term. 

MUED 3332: Choral Music Methods and Materials
Focus on the art and practice of developing successful choral programs for grades 5–12. Topics include recruitment, auditions, behavior management, vocal techniques, the changing voice, choosing music, planning rehearsals, and management of nonmusical details. Includes public school observations. Spring term. 

MUED 5115: Music Education Methods and Materials in the Church
The principles and practices of music education useful to church music professionals and others who may be interested in church work. Spring term of odd-numbered years. 

MUED 5147, 5149, 5150, 5151, 5152, 5153, 5154, 5250, 5251, 5350, 5351, 5352, 5354: Workshop in Music Education
A brief, intensive study of a focused topic in music education, including Orff, Kodály, Dalcroze, and other methodologies.

MUED 5252: Wind Literature for the Secondary School
Survey of new and standard literature suitable for secondary school students. Music for instrumental solo, ensemble, band, and orchestra will be examined. Fall term. 

MUED 5253: Vocal and Choral Literature for the Secondary School
Survey of new and standard vocal solo, ensemble, and choral literature suitable for the secondary school. Fall term. 

MUED 5257: Computer Applications in Music Education
The investigation of the potential for computer use in music education, including computer-assisted instruction, information storage and retrieval, book and record keeping, and specialized uses such as computer-assisted management of schools of music; and the development of basic techniques for designing and implementing such uses. Offered irregularly. 

MUED 5353: Music in Early Childhood Education
A study of the role of music in teaching young children, including planning music experiences for preschool and early elementary levels. Offered irregularly. 

MUED 6150, 6250, 6350: Project in Music Education
Independent work on thesis or professional project.

MUED 6194, 6294, 6394 Directed Studies in Music Education
lose collaboration between a faculty member and an advanced student who conducts a rigorous project that goes beyond the experience available in current course offerings. Prerequisite: Approval of instructor.

MUED 6310: Music Education Methods and Materials
Advanced study of music education methods and materials. Specialized topic will be defined for intense examination. Emphasis is on the development of master teachers in specialized areas of study. Offered irregularly.

MUED 6320: Motivation, Discipline and Management
Techniques of classroom discipline and time management using standard behavior modification techniques. Offered irregularly.

MUED 6340: Research Methods and Materials in Music Education
A study of representative research approaches and methods in music education and instruction, with emphasis on research designs, methods, materials, and analysis and interpretation of research literature. Spring term.

MUED 6352: History and Philosophy of Music Education
Philosophical and historical foundations of music education with implications for organization and curriculum of school music. Fall term.

MUED 6354: Special Topics in Music Education
Advanced study of current issues in music education. Specialized topic(s) will be defined for intensive examination. Emphasis is on the practical application of research. Offered irregularly.

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