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Minor in Fashion Media

The Fashion Media minor provides a basic understanding of the role of media professionals in the fashion industry. Coursework includes journalism, photography, video, art direction, advertising and public relations as they relate to fashion. Key concepts – such as aesthetic and editorial decision-making and the role of fashion in society – will be emphasized in core and capstone courses. The minor is designed for students who wish to incorporate an interest in fashion into their major coursework, allowing them to pursue internships and/or further work or study in the fashion industry.

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Requirements for the Minor 20 Credit Hours
History and Critical Studies:
  • MSA 3325 Fashion, Media, and Culture / THEA 2319 Fashion, History and Culture
Theoretical Course (3 hours, choose one):
  • ANTH 2301 Introductory Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 3310 Gender and Sex Roles: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • ARHS 1333 Introduction to Visual Culture
  • ARHS 3350 Modern Art and Media Culture
  • JOUR 4360 Women and Minorities in Media
  • PSYC 3371 Psychology of Women
  • SOCI 3345 Media Ethics and Gender
  • SOCI 3371 Sociology of Gender
  • WGST 2322/CFA 3302 Gender: Images and Perspectives
Visual Media Skills Course (3 hours, choose one):
  • ADV 3391 Creative Production for Non-creative Track (advertising majors may substitute ADV 3390)
  • ASPH 1300 Basics in Photography
  • JOUR 2304 Basic Video and Audio Production (Film majors may substitute FILM 1304)
Written Media Skills Course (4 hours, choose two):
  • JOUR 2103 Writing and Editing Tutorial and Laboratory
Select one from the following:
  • JOUR 2312 Reporting 1
  • COMM 2308 Strategic Communication (prerequisites: C or better in COMM 2310 or COMM 3300, and COMM 2327)
Fashion Media Elective
One additional course from theory, visual media skills, or written media skills or chosen from the following:
  • ADV 2374 Survey of Advertising
  • ADV 4318 Interactive Advertising
  • ARHS 3367 History of Photography I: Origins to 1940
  • ARHS 3355 History of Photography II: 1940-Present
  • JOUR 2302 Ethics of Convergent Media
  • JOUR 2380 Digital Journalism (also known as JOUR 3330)
Capstone Course (4 hours):
Choose one:
  • ASPH 3330 Fashion Photography
  • JOUR 3370 Fashion Journalism
  • COMM 5304 Topics in Communications (Fashion Public Relations)
Choose one:
  • MSA 4125 Fashion Media Internship
  • ‐ OR ‐
  • MSA 4110 Fashion Media Project
Total Credit Hours 20

Administered through the Division of Journalism
Classes for the Minor in Journalism are taught by faculty from Art History; Journalism; Dedman College of the Humanities and Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Women’s and Gender Studies); Advertising; Art (Photography); Film & Media Arts; and Corporate Communication and Public Affairs; and Theatre.

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