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Mission Statement

The Division of Journalism at SMU provides students with the intellectual, interpretive and practical skills they need to function as professionals. With state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled faculty, we have created an environment for hands-on teaching and learning while remaining true to our primary mission of training young journalists who can think clearly, write well and make ethical distinctions in a rapidly changing convergent media environment.

Academic Strategy

  • The traditional values of a liberal arts education are key to training outstanding journalists. The division strives to uphold the University’s mission of shaping citizens who will be leaders in their professions and communities.
  • The curriculum is built on a foundation of basic skills: writing, reporting, ethics, law and critical thinking. Students work across broadcast, print and Internet media but may develop their own specialty.
  • The state-of-the-art, multi-media newsroom and computer labs – cornerstones of the division’s program - provide hands-on classroom experience and offer opportunities to produce professional newscasts and other content.
  • Faculty members come from diverse research and professional backgrounds; many of them are experienced print and broadcast journalists who provide insight beyond textbooks. Media professionals regularly interact with students as guest lecturers and adjunct professors.
  • Small classes, a common core curriculum and a dynamic newsroom help create a sense of community among students. Faculty and administration provide personal service, including year-round advising.
  • Internships are vital to the educational experience and students may choose from a wide range of opportunities in print, television, radio and Internet media from around the region.

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Art History

Arts Management and Arts Entrepreneurship

Corporate Communication and Public Affairs

Creative Computation


Film and Media Arts


Mission Statement

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